NVIDIA SHIELD TV upgrade targets squarely gamers


Auto low-latency mode is one of the new features and fixes that the Experience Upgrade program brings to SHIELD TV(s).

What you must understand

  • The Experience Upgrade program is now available for NVIDIA’s SHIELD TV models.
  • It adds a new auto-low latency gaming mode.
  • Other useful features include an audio Night listening mode and several bug fixes.

This Thursday, NVIDIA updated its SHIElD TVs with some significant changes. From the SHIELD and its Pro units, the SHIELD Experience Upgrade has begun to roll out. On supported TVs, the new update’s auto low latency mode turns on game mode automatically.


NVIDIA published the changelog for the new SHIELD Experience Upgrade 9.1, which includes bug fixes, in a GeForce forum post. Support for auto low latency mode (ALLM) alongside the night listening mode is one of the significant improvements. According to the former, when playing games or participating in video conferences, SHIELD TVs automatically switch to ALLM game mode, while when watching TV shows or watching movies, they return to default or earlier settings.

The new night listening mode (HDMI audio) makes it convenient to watch a movie or TV show at night by increasing the volume of soft noises like whispers while lowering the volume of loud noises like explosions.

In addition, the new update gives you the option to specify a network workgroup in addition to giving you the option to set your own password if you’re connecting to SHIELD over a local network.


With the new update, users can also stop HDR/Dolby Vision content from being displayed. The ability to adjust uncompressed audio to Dolby reference loudness levels is another feature. An alert popup that appears when the app uses the microphone is the other cool feature.

Currently, there is AI upscaling support for 60Hz HDR10 video for products like the SHIELD Pro 2019. Additionally, the NETFLIX button adjacent to the power button on the SHIELD Remote 2019 now offers an alternative to awakening the TV. Similarly, owners of gaming controllers can wake the SHIELD by pressing the logo button.

The SHIELD Experience Upgrade offers various bug fixes in addition to upgrades. For instance, the update resolves the issue where Dolby Vision mode is always reactivated after a TV reboot. Fixes for connectivity with NAS and enhancements for file transfer rates with connected storage are both available. Users can consult the update changelog for NVIDIA to see all the modifications and bug fixes (opens in new tab).


It’s encouraging to see that NVIDIA is addressing numerous issues and releasing remedies with this significant release. The Shield TV models, including the devices from the previous generation, are unquestionably among the greatest Android TV boxes that can be purchased. If you’re seeking to purchase one for yourself, you can find our most recent comparison of the NVIDIA Shield TV and Shield TV Pro here.

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