NFL Sunday Ticket might find a new home on Apple TV Plus


According to a recent report, Apple TV Plus might become the new home of NFL Sunday Ticket in 2023.

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According to Matthew Belloni of Puck News, it’s now “Apple’s to lose” if NFL Sunday Ticket is included in Apple TV Plus. Perhaps Apple has already agreed to an NFL-Apple partnership, but the announcement is being held up by Apple’s request, according to Belloni.

It’s Apple’s game to lose at this point, according to my sources.” This weekend, a source claimed to have information indicating that the acquisition has been completed and is being kept secret at Apple’s request; however, this information has not been verified and Apple has declined to provide any comment.) What I’m trying to say is that C.E.O. Tim Cook has claimed Apple is just in its early days of premium media, and nothing is more premium than NFL football even after winning top Emmys and the best picture Oscar.”


For a streaming business that is quickly growing, the NFL on Apple TV Plus makes sense. Apple revealed in March that it had signed a contract with Major League Baseball for the rights to Friday Night Baseball. Apple TV Plus began airing MLB games earlier this month, with a Friday night baseball doubleheader available every week throughout the regular season.

Getting in the end zone for the Dallas Cowboys Even while Sunday Ticket would be a huge benefit for Apple TV Plus, it would be prohibitively expensive. Sunday Ticket presently airs on DirecTV, although the $1.5 billion contract ends at the conclusion of the 2022 season. The 2023 season’s rights are estimated to reach $2.5 billion. Despite this amount, Apple has shown that it is prepared to spend extensively on streaming.

NFL Sunday Ticket would enable non-market fans to watch non-prime time games from all 32 NFL teams on Apple TV Plus if Apple were to get the rights to it. Intriguingly, an Apple TV Plus membership of $4.99 per month isn’t required to watch baseball on the service. For the time being, the games may be seen for free on the internet. It’s still unclear whether Apple will allow NFL Sunday Ticket to be temporarily available on the App Store.


One of the greatest streaming services now on the market is Apple TV Plus. For a while, the only thing it had to offer was Ted Lasso, the network’s most popular programme. Severance and CODA, two award-winning films that have just been added to the streaming service, have made it impossible to ignore. Apple TV Plus’ expanding coverage of live sports events only serves to increase the value of the service’s cheap monthly fee.

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