NFL Sunday Ticket may have already been acquired by Apple


In a fresh rumour, it is claimed that Apple has already struck a contract to broadcast NFL games on Apple TV+.

The NFL Sunday Ticket package will be up for grabs in 2021, and the Cupertino tech giant is expected to be a front-runner in the bidding battle. Season 2022-2023 marked the end of DirecTV’s deal.

The NFL Sunday Ticket may already be available on Apple’s streaming service.


It seems that the agreement is now “Apple’s to lose,” according to a recent report from Puck News. Reporter Matthew Belloni added that one insider had told him the agreement had already been struck but was being kept hidden by Apple’s request at this time.

“At this moment, the game is in Apple’s hands. According to one source, Apple has requested that the acquisition be kept hidden, which I have not checked and cannot verify for certain; Apple isn’t saying.) “

According to rumours, the NFL chose the corporation to be its prefered partner for the package, despite this being a questionable story at best.


In addition, the company’s pursuit of the purchase is understandable. In conjunction with the MLB, Apple launched “Friday Night Baseball” on Apple TV+ only two weeks ago. The coverage has received mixed reviews thus far, particularly in regards to people’s thoughts on the commentators, however many people have lauded the video quality.

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