Netflix recently cancelled this movie before it was ever made


Because it had not yet begun production, Netflix decided to cancel this film.

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Despite Netflix’s recent upheaval, the streaming service’s Animation division appears to still be in the midst of a crisis. Another project that was in the works has been cancelled, and the developer is livid about it.

Netflix has once again cancelled an animated film titled Kung-Fu Space Punch. An American Kung Fu cowboy dude in space falls in love with Ramona Sanchez, a hotheaded childhood adversary turned fierce Mexican cop, while fighting the famous villain Kathulo for the fate of the galaxy, according to the movie’s creator Jorge R. Gutierrez, when it was initially announced in 2017.


Previously, Gutierrez worked with Netflix. Last year’s Maya and the Three animated series launched with him as a writer, voice actor, and director. However, Gutierrez previously mentioned that Kung-Fu Space Punch may have evolved into a television show and contain some sort of crossover between the characters of Maya and Kung-Fu Space Punch.

According to Gutierrez on Twitter, Netflix has cancelled the project. However, what the end product would have looked like remains a mystery. Netflix Animation isn’t moving forward with his “favourite kung space western,” he lamented on social media.


Kung-Fu Space Punch, according to a follow-up post(opens in new tab), may one day be released, but it will not be on Netflix: “It isn’t dead DEAD. At Netflix Animation, things are just not moving forward. This necessitates the use of a new studio, which is, of course, my goal. Gutierrez remarked, “I love this idea and it will be made.”

Netflix Animation has lately cancelled a number of projects, including this one. Four projects were axed by the streamer’s animated division last month, while a long-gestating adaptation of the iconic graphic novel series Bone was also axed in April. A story from The Wrap(opens in a new tab) claims that Netflix’s Animation division is in a period of flux.

Netflix isn’t just kicking the can down the road when it comes to animated projects. Archive 81, The Baby-Sitters Club, and Raising Dion are just a few of the high-profile Netflix series set to be cancelled in 2022.


To halt the stream of viewers who are unsubscribing, Netflix has just revealed its plans to introduce ad-supported tiers and crack down on password sharing.

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