Google Pixel 7 prototype appeared on eBay


What the heck is going on here?

(Image credit: Pixel 7)

To a large extent, leaks are out of Google’s control. Google’s Pixel Watch prototype was discovered a few weeks ago and an unofficial Google Pixel 7 prototype has appeared on eBay.

Yesterday, an eBay auction for an apparent prototype appeared. A starting bid of $450 was mentioned in the ad, which stated that the item was located in McKinney, Texas. Due to a listing error, the auction for the prototype has been cancelled, leaving those who had hoped to purchase it out of luck.


Since Google already showed off the Pixel 7 design at Google I/O 2022 earlier this month, there aren’t any significant shocks here. As a result, the design is reminiscent of the Google Pixel 6 but features the pill-shaped camera cutout on the back.

According to the specifications provided by the seller, the phone has the same 12MP camera, Google Tensor chipset, and 6.4-inch display as the Pixel 6. The seller may have listed it as a Pixel 6 and didn’t modify the specifications, but I doubt it. That would explain why the second-generation Tensor, of which we are already aware, is not mentioned.

There’s only one thing we know for sure about this phone: it has a 128GB storage capacity, which isn’t that surprising.


They say that Android 13 and Pixel apps are now in “development stage” on this phone. This is not the Android 13 you’ll be getting with the genuine Pixel 7. The phone’s IMEI is also said to be unlocked.

A Pixel 7 Pro appears to have snapped these images, which is why they caught my eye in the first place. This means that there are other Pixel phone prototypes floating around. It remains to be seen if that item will appear on eBay at some point in the near future.

According to current reports, the phones will have the same dual-camera setup as the Google Pixel 6. Pixel 7 may have a smaller screen, down from the Pixel 6’s 6.4-inch screen.


However, we don’t yet have an official release date for the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones.

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