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Apple VR/AR headset may miss WWDC


According to respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s headgear will not be on display at the next WWDC.

According to recent rumours, Apple’s long-anticipated VR/AR headset could make an appearance at the upcoming WWDC, which takes place the following week. Apparently, “realityOS” will be the subject of a trademark application on June 8.” Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, on the other hand, predicts that the headgear will not be released.

“Some time” before a planned 2023 release, Kuo predicts the Apple headset won’t go into production. He claims this means realityOS software will not be on display at WWDC 2022, according to Kuo. Why? So as not to allow Apple’s rivals to steal the company’s concepts and make their own goods.


It’s not just Kuo who thinks this way. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman recently quashed rumours that the headset might arrive at the WWDC conference in San Francisco. In addition to stating that headset development is moving “full steam ahead,” “This isn’t the first time he’s hinted that any hardware at WWDC will be Mac-related.

In addition, trademark filings are a legal requirement, according to Gurman and lawyer Jason Manakis(opens in new tab). As a result, the timing is most likely coincidental, and the application isn’t proof that the headset or realityOS will appear at WWDC.

Why not announce the Apple VR/AR headset early?

In recent months, there have been more rumours about the arrival of Apple’s headgear than we can keep up with. Kuo is correct in his assessment that announcing a product so long in advance of its release can have unintended consequences.


Another company will promptly copy each breakthrough idea that Apple comes up with. Also keep in mind that once a product has been launched, it cannot be withdrawn from the market again.

For a practical demonstration of this concept, look no farther than Apple’s AirPower. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Apple also promised that AirPower could do things it couldn’t even begin to accomplish.

AirPower’s original design was for it to be able to charge three devices at once, all while keeping tabs on their power consumption and talking with one another. It was widely believed that Apple had shelved the project due to concerns that it would not live up to the high standards set by the corporation, although this was never confirmed. An example of how not to announce items that aren’t ready for prime time. It is doubtful that Apple would repeat this mistake so soon/


In the months and years following AirPower’s unveiling, there were a number of imitation devices. In contrast, Apple has shifted its focus to MagSafe wireless charging.

It’s not out of the question that Apple will unveil something relating to the headsets at WWDC this year. However, this doesn’t appear plausible since the most of reports point to the headset debuting in 2023 or later. We’ll have to wait and see what the WWDC keynote has in store for us on June 6 at 1 p.m. ET to find out what’s new.


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