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Netflix recently brings back comedy series starring Ukraine President Zelensky


Netflix has added Servant of the People to its catalogue.

image credits: netflix

Netflix has recently re-released Servant of the People. Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s current president, starring in the satirical comedy series.

Netflix has re-uploaded all three seasons of the programme, which had previously been removed off the site in 2021. This week, the streamer confirmed that Servant of the People will be returning because of popular demand.


As a result of a viral video featuring him railing against government corruption, a high school teacher in the show Servant of the People finds himself in the unexpected position of president. The series, which aired from 2015 to 2019, stars Zelensky, a former comedian who made the leap into politics.

It was a unique instance of reality mimicking art, since Zelensky himself was elected Ukraine’s President in May 2019. As a result of the show’s popularity, Zelensky was chosen to represent a political party called Servant of the People.

Distribution for the programme is presently handled by Eccho Rights, a Swedish television corporation. There are obvious parallels between Servant of the People’s storey and the real-world situation facing Zelensky and the Ukrainian people, and while the real-world situation is grim and appalling, there are compelling parallels between the fictional storey of Zelensky’s life and the real-world situation.


Netflix has re-added Servant of the People to its collection in the United States, where it was previously unavailable. All4 is a free-to-watch streaming site in the United Kingdom where the first season may be seen.

Russia is one country where Servant of the People will not be available to view on Netflix. As a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Netflix has stopped its services in the nation and halted any future production projects with Russian actors.


Streaming Servant of the Individuals right now is sure to appeal to a large number of people. Because of Zelensky’s courage in the face of such horror, he has become an international hero. However, the Ukrainian people will not benefit directly from this. Help individuals affected by the continuing conflict by following these simple steps.

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