More details of the Pixel Watch leaked — here’s what we know


Some further information regarding the claimed prototype Pixel Watch has surfaced on the internet.

image via theverge

According to the latest leaks and reports, Google’s long-rumored Pixel Watch might be on the way. Someone who claims to be in possession of a prototype watch has taken part in a Reddit AMA in order to offer additional hands-on information about the product.

After a friend bartending at the restaurant in question found the timepiece, he held on to it for a few weeks to see if the owners would come and claim it, according to u/tagtech414. That didn’t happen, and the watch was given to someone else, although without the original strap. ‘


Is there anything we haven’t seen yet regarding how this watch will interact with us? There was no charger left with the watch, which is strange since it was reportedly packed and the band was still shrink-wrapped, but alas, the battery has long since gone.

But one user noted that the watch may use the same charging port as a Fitbit Versa smartwatch. It was agreed that Tagtech 414 would attempt to borrow a friend’s Versa charger to test whether it worked. While it’s possible to get around this problem since the prototype is spherical and the Versa range is round, it may be more difficult.

The bartender only noticed the ‘G’ logo on the watch’s startup screen because he had neglected to look at it. To put it simply, Tagtech414 says that the gadget could not have an operating system installed. Adding the fact that the watch was discovered in a box suggests that it was never intended to be worn.


To be honest, it’s a strange circumstance. There are some people out there who believe Google purposely left the watch behind in an attempt to stoke interest in their new product. In light of the watch’s great reaction, Tagtech414 confessed that he had also considered this.

While it’s not out of the question that Google planted the watch, it’s also not out of the question. Think back to Gizmodo’s iPhone 4 prototype fiasco. However, the capacity of the human mind to make foolish decisions should never be underestimated.

In addition, the AMA sheds light on the Pixel Watch’s physical design. Its diameter is around an inch and a half, and its thickness is approximately half an inch. To get the most accurate measurements possible, Tagtech414 has committed to use digital callipers to measure the watch. This has not yet occurred as of the date of this article’s publication.


The watch does, in fact, have a bezel, and it’s a thick one, as shown in the close-up photo. A “fairly big flat button” above the crown and a “clicking mechanism” for the crown are claimed to be comparable to those of Apple’s Watch. However, there is a speaker grille and microphone visible on the left side of the watch, and a button seems to latch onto the watch strap and prevent it from moving.

No one can be sure that this is an actual Pixel Watch, therefore we must proceed with caution. And if it is, the final model will resemble anything like the one that was left at this restaurant, if that is possible. This might be an excellent preview of what the Pixel Watch will look like when it launches later this year. Software and user interfaces must be of the same quality.

We’ll keep a watch on TagTech414’s AMA, and will update this page if any more important disclosures arise. According to current reports, the Pixel Watch will be introduced at Google I/O in May and go on sale in October of this year.


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