Google Pixel Watch: When will the Pixel Watch arrive?


What is the expected release date for the Pixel Watch? What should I expect to pay? And what are the chances of it happening?

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A Google Pixel Watch, long speculated, might be on the way. Google’s new Wear OS, which incorporates features from Tizen and Fitbit, has prompted the company to create new hardware.

There is a good chance that Google is working on a Pixel Watch, which may challenge the likes of the Apple Watch 7, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, and all the other top smartwatches now available.


In the wearable area (cough, Fitbit), many patents and acquisitions indicate that the Pixel Watch will be released at some time in the near future. There are also mounting reports that the Pixel Watch is genuine and might be on the market within the next few months.

Google also understands that smartwatches and fitness trackers make up one of the fastest-growing consumer electronics categories. As an add-on for its Pixel smartphones, Google could release its own model, such as the Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro, or the impending Google Pixel 6a and Pixel 7.

So, when can we expect to see the Pixel Watch? Moreover, how will it look? What distinguishing characteristics does it have? Google Pixel Watch’s release date, pricing, design, and more are all rumoured here. Our Google in 2022 post is also worth a look.


The Pixel Watch might be released as early as this year.

However, a leaker has claimed that the launch of the Google Pixel Watch will take place during Google I/O in May, and that the watch will be available for purchase by consumers in October.

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Prosser stated that “from what I hear, Google will formally announce the Pixel 6a and “tease” the Pixel Watch” during Google I/O, which is mostly a developer-focused event. ‘Pixel 7 and 7 Pro will be officially unveiled and released in October alongside Pixel Watch,’ according to Google.

We might see the Pixel Watch this spring, according to a new leak from Evan Blass, which refers to wearOS 3.1 and adds, “It won’t take long anymore.”


conjecture about the cost of the Google Pixel Watch

What is the price of the Google Pixel Watch, and when will it be available? Our best bet is that it costs less than an Apple Watch. Despite the lack of Google Pixel Watch price leaks, we estimate it to be in the mid-priced range. We anticipate Google will aim to undercut the $399 starting price of the Apple Watch Series 7 and the $249 starting price of the Galaxy Watch 4, respectively. Much as Google Pixel 6s are less expensive than both the Galaxy S22 and the iPhone 13, so is the Pixel 6 series.

You can expect to pay between $200 and $350 for it depending on its size and whether or not it has LTE. For the record, we have no idea what Google’s pricing plan is for other hardware products. According to an insider, the watch will be more expensive than a Fitbit.

Design of the Google Pixel Watch

A prototype of the Google Pixel Watch has purportedly been spotted in a restaurant, leaking the watch’s design in full. According to Android Central, two buttons can be seen on the right side of the device, which has a circular appearance and what seems to be a crown.

(Image credit: Android Central)

A proprietary watch band connection looks to be in the works, although this has yet to be verified. You can see that there’s a heart rate sensor, but it’s not clear what additional sensors there are.

In April, Jon Prosser tweeted a leaked image of what he believes is the Google Pixel Watch, showing off a rounded design with what looks to be a physical crown. This was our first genuine look at the Pixel Watch design. According to Reddit, the crown of the watch produces a pleasing click when pushed, much like the Apple Watch’s.

It was also disclosed in the Reddit AMA that the speaker and microphone may be on the left side of the watch, and that there is no SIM card slot visible, which isn’t shocking at all.


According to the supposed prototype, the watch face measures around an inch in diameter and half an inch thick, with a prominent bezel. Other Reddit users have also hypothesised that the charging connector might be similar to the Fitbit Versa line.

An official-looking Pixel Watch marketing picture set was just revealed by the leaker. It seems that the photographs show a wearable with a spherical face and a bezel-less display that curves around its corners. One crown on the right side of the watch seems to be all that the timepiece will have in terms of physical controls.

Because of this, the Pixel Watch seems to be a sleek and basic wristwatch, similar to previous Pixel gadgets. In the meanwhile, users may personalise their watches with interchangeable bands.


According to 91Mobiles, this might be the first official render picture of the Pixel Watch. These images reveal not just the curvature of the circular display, but also a Google Pixel 6-like user interface and Fitbit-related complexities.

We’ve also seen some fantastic concept art.. These graphics were created by James Tsai, a Taiwanese designer. Playful renderings inspired by Google’s “Made by Google” products, such as “milk white,” “sweet papaya,” and “boba black,” were created by Taiwanese artist Tsai.

The Pixel Superfans’ virtual colouring book seems to include hints about the Google Pixel Watch’s colour palette. Think common colours in a pastel version, such as Just Black, Lemon Pop, Pale Yellow, and Dark Olive, while considering these.


Instead of the more creative Google colour designations, a new colour leak reveals just three colours: black, grey, and gold. It’s conceivable that there are further colours available that will not be offered by this firm, since this originated from a specific U.S. carrier.

When it comes to the next-generation Pixel Buds and Pixel Watch, a Google patent filing has showed off a set of skin-based touch controls.

With sensors, the skin of the user might be turned into a touch-sensitive surface for controlling wireless headphones and extending the smartwatch’s control surface. Although a patent application is just the initial step in the development of this technology, the product may never be released. However, the Pixel Watch’s implementation of such a system would set it apart from competing smartwatches.


specifications for Google’s new Pixel Watch

Ling, Triton, and Sardine are the codenames given to three different Pixel Watch models being developed by Google. Insider’s most current story, however, refers to the project as “Rohan” inside Google.

However, the meaning of these Pixel Watch code names remains uncertain. Given the titles, it’s possible that the gadgets will come in a variety of sizes and specifications.

Using Fossil’s smartwatch technology, which it purchased last year for $40 million, one may be fashion-oriented. Google’s acquisition of Fitbit might help another become a top fitness tracker.


If you’re interested in learning more about Google’s plans for body movement sensors, you might want to take a look at this report from ET News. With Qualcomm’s latest smartwatch chip and rumours of on-board storage and LTE connectivity, a well-specced Pixel Watch could be in the works.

Wear OS for the Google Pixel Watch

Wear OS, Google’s own operating system, will be included in the Pixel Watch. What, then, might be different or even better about the software?

Many third-party smartwatches like TicWatch and Fossil incorporate Wear OS features such as continuous heart rate monitoring, contactless payments and hands-free access to Google Assistant, as well as a smartwatch shop from the Google Play store. Wear OS’ shortcomings could not be fixed by previous versions of these functions, however the improved version on the Galaxy Watch 4 makes up for it.


Until early 2022, when new Wear OS-compatible smartwatches are released and upgraded, we won’t be able to see what Wear OS looks like without Samsung’s own UI embedded into it.

The Pixel Watch, according to an anonymous source, is expected to have basic functionality such as step counting and heart rate monitoring. According to the story, Google’s purchase of Fitbit might lead to Wear OS and Fitbit integration nicknamed “Nightlight.”

Google Pixel Watch might incorporate Fitbit fitness monitoring across several watch faces, according to a second report from 9to5Google cited above. In the Wear OS 3 video, one of the watch faces includes the Fitbit logo with a running count of the number of steps climbed and the total calories burnt.


What this means in practise is that Google’s software continues to improve and evolve over time. As a Wear OS fanatic, a member of our team has some suggestions for Google on what they should include in the next Pixel Watch.

Apple Watch vs. Google Pixel Watch

Even if Google’s Pixel Watch succeeds in taking on the Apple Watch, it will need significant investment from the company as well as a slew of standout features. This includes a fantastic Wear OS experience that is easy to use and has a vast variety of useful applications. Google would also have to take use of Google Assistant’s benefits over Siri on your wrist while also delivering seamless interaction with other Google services like Gmail, Google Photos, and Google calendar..

Using Fitbit’s sensors and exercise monitoring, the Pixel Watch will need to surpass the Apple Watch in the area of health tracking. Fitbit’s Active Zone Minutes and Daily Readiness Score are two of the best features.


Not to mention a lower price point and a better battery life than the Apple Watch for the Pixel Watch to succeed.

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