iPhone 15 rumor just gave me a huge reason to skip iPhone 14


There’s a good chance that the iPhone 15 will include a periscope zoom camera.

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According to the newest speculations, the iPhone 14 periscope telephoto camera may no longer be possible, but if you’re willing to wait a year for the iPhone 15, you may finally be able to obtain the zoom capability you’re looking for.

Periscope camera components are expected to be supplied by a new parts supplier for the iPhone 15 and future models, according to The Elec. An investment of $155 million has been made by Jahwa Electronics to create new facilities to manufacture optical image stabilisation (OIS) actuators, the portion of a camera that holds the lens steady to reduce shake in photos and videos..


On the basis of the fact that Apple made a visit to this Taiwanese business last year, as well as the scale of the investment, The Elec says that this investment is likely to be used to produce parts for iPhones.

Phones like the Samsung Galaxy S22 series already use Jahwa’s OIS components. A large order for additional actuators would indicate that something substantial is going on at Apple, which brings us to the recurrent claim that Apple is working on a periscope-style camera for the iPhone.

Regular telephoto cameras with a 3x optical zoom are already included in the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. In contrast, a periscope telephoto camera, like as the 10x zoom on the Galaxy S22 Ultra, would allow for greater magnification.


It’s believed that this is just the beginning of the process, and that it may take as long as a year to complete it (March 2023 according to The Elec). Since the iPhone 14 won’t get these new components, it’s safe to say that only the iPhone 15 will. Based on other supply chain partners Apple seems to be acquiring, numerous experts have predicted that the 2023 iPhone would be the first Apple device to use a periscope telephoto camera. In contrast to the S22 Ultra, the zoom magnification may be limited to 5x.

It will be some time until we get our hands on the iPhone 14 series, though. The 48MP primary camera sensor for the Pro versions is expected to be the greatest upgrade this time, while additional changes will come in the shape of a pill and punch-hole notch for the two Pro models and probable satellite emergency connection.

In the autumn, we’ll learn more about the next iPhone’s features, as well as what’s lacking. In the interim, you can keep up to date with all the latest rumours and leaks by visiting our iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro hubs.


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