iPhone 14 rumored colors and other predictions


The latest reported colors for the iPhone 14 variants to be released this fall.

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Nothing regarding Apple’s new phones has generated as much speculative chatter as Apple’s color options for the next iPhones. There are already rumors concerning the colors of the next iPhone 14, even if its release is still a few months away.

You can see why there is so much talk about colors whenever a new iPhone is being developed: Colors are the first thing we see on Apple’s latest gadgets. With the iPhone 14 expected to look very similar to its predecessor, they represent a unique opportunity for Apple to stamp its mark on this round of improvements (even with the iPhone 14 Pro allegedly ditching the notch for a pair of cutouts).


Not when the Pro models are expected to include a 48MP main camera and a new A16 CPU, while an iPhone 14 Max model might introduce an affordable 6.7-inch device to Apple’s line-up, colors won’t be the most important aspect of Apple’s new phones. Our first impressions of the new phones will be influenced by these factors.

What colors can we expect for the iPhone 14? With one notable exception, early reports indicate that the colors will remain largely unchanged. Here’s what we know so far about Apple’s claimed color choices for its future phones, keeping in mind that new color selections may emerge between now and the release date of the iPhone 14.

So far, we’ve heard about 14 different color options for the iPhone.


When a now-deleted Weibo post was discovered by AppleTrack(opens in new tab) in April, it stated that a purple iPhone 14 was on the way. Chinese social networking site Weibo anticipated that Apple would replace the present deep blue iPhone 13 hue with a lighter version.

The iPhone 14 isn’t the only device that needs a purple facelift. In keeping with Apple’s Pro lineup, the same rumor suggests that the iPhone 14 Pro will feature a purple color option, although one that is a darker matte tint.

This isn’t the first time Apple has experimented with purple hues. iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini were launched in a purple color option six months after their initial release. iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro had a new shade of green this spring, which Apple repeated the technique with.) The iPhone 11 was also available in purple.


Later iPhone 14 speculations haven’t done much to disprove the concept that a purple model will be available for this fall’s phones. Unofficial renders of a purple iPhone 14 Pro have even surfaced in more recent claims, however these are unconfirmed speculation.

There have been several reports about the possible inclusion of purple tones on the next iPhone 14 since it was first reported back in May by MacRumors(opens in new tab). Otherwise, the report has the current iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 sections’ black, white, blue, and [Product] Red color options. Midnight and Starlight are the new names for Apple’s black and white phones. This time around, the use of pink and green would be discontinued.

Apple is expected to unveil a new purple color for its iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Both the Sierra Blue and Alpine Green versions of the iPhone 13 Pro, which have been available since the phone’s launch, will be discontinued.


iPhone 14 colors: A look at recent models

A look at Apple’s recent past can be instructive when deciding which iPhone 14 color rumors to believe. There isn’t much we can learn from the colors Apple has previously utilized about what we may expect in the future, but the amount of hues offered at launch can be quite instructive.

Standard models Pro models
iPhone 13 Midnight, Starlight, Blue, Pink, [Product] Red Graphite, Gold, Silver, Sierra Blue
iPhone 12 Black, White, Blue, Green, [Product] Red Graphite, Gold, Silver, Pacific Blue
iPhone 11 Black, White, Purple, Green, Yellow, [Product] Red Space Gray, Gold, Silver, Midnight Green

That graph shows a few patterns. Starting with the iPhone 13 and 12, both of which had five color options, the sixth option was added to match the half-dozen colors available on the iPhone 11. Just four alternatives have been available for each of the last three years in the Pro series.

If you’re going to get a regular iPhone, you’re going to be able to choose among black, white and Product [Red] color options. The rest of the year’s colors are different each year. Graphite (or Space Gray, if you want to go old school) is commonly available on the Pro and Pro Max variants, as well as silver and gold. The Pro version adds a fourth color choice.


iPhone 14 colors: What we expect to see

Because of this, it is logical to assume that Apple will offer five different color options for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, as well as four for the Pro variants. The iPhone 14 is expected to come in black, white, and red, while the iPhone 14 Pro is said to come in graphite, silver, and gold.

For the basic iPhone models, there are two remaining spaces, and the Pros have one remaining option. Because the purple color is the only one that’s been mentioned so far, it sounds like the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro will have it, albeit the pro model is likely to be a more muted shade of purple.

Choosing between blue, pink, or green as the best-selling color for iPhone 13 will likely determine which of the three remaining iPhone 14 color options will be offered. Even while the April Weibo rumors regarding a sky blue survivor are unconfirmed, we wouldn’t rule out blue as the only survivor. It is a shame, however, that the green iPhone 13 will be discontinued so soon after its release.


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