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iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5 now available to install


This week, Apple has released iOS 15.5 (for iPhones), as well as iPadOS 15.5 (for iPads). This isn’t a major upgrade, as implied by the.1 increment, but it does include a couple of new features.

To begin, customers can now send and request money from their Apple Cash cards using the Wallet app. Second, a new feature has been added to the Apple Podcasts app to limit the number of episodes that can be saved on your device and to erase older episodes automatically.

People entering or departing can no longer trigger a home automation system’s failure. No active exploits were known to Apple prior to releasing this latest version’s more than 25 security improvements, but if you’re looking for the “better safe than sorry” reasoning, you should consider updating as soon as feasible.


If your iPhone or iPad hasn’t already alerted you to the new version, you can always go to Settings and manually download it. Thankfully, Apple’s rollouts aren’t staged, so the new software is available to everyone who wants it.

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