Google’s Switch to Android iOS app supports Android 12 devices


Google upgraded its Switch to Android iOS app because it appears to believe that more consumers are converting from iPhones to Android smartphones. It formerly only supported Pixels, but now it works with all Android 12 devices.

Even though, to put it mildly, Google may overestimate the number of users who convert from iOS to Android, it sure is helpful to have such a convenient switching option.

Your new Android 12 phone can be wirelessly or via a cord connected to your iPhone. Simply download the Switch to Android app to your iPhone and follow the simple setup instructions to get going.


You can transfer your contacts, photos, and videos (including those in iCloud, if you ask Apple for a copy of your data), SMS, MMS, and iMessage texts and media, WhatsApp message history and media, apps that are also available for Android and were offered for free on the App Store, custom wallpaper photos, call logs, alarms, device settings, and any DRM-free music you may have.

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