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Google Meet and Duo are now one service


Is Google’s new video chat feature helping to clear up the muddle or making it worse?

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Google Meet and Google Duo, the company’s video calling services, are getting some much-needed updates. In light of the fact that both applications are part of the Google Workspace and share many of the same capabilities, we began to wonder why there were two separate calling apps. Google Meet has been renamed to include functionality from both Duo and Google Hangouts.

Google Meet, a video conferencing app aimed at both consumers and businesses, was released in 2017 and has been well received. To join a conference or meeting, participants must share and join a special link. As a result, it’s a more complete and sophisticated web platform.


It was launched in 2016 by Google Duo, on the other hand (at the same time as the unsuccessful Allo app). Calling someone became a little more convenient because you could call them directly and include their phone number in the call. Compared to Apple’s FaceTime, Duo is a lot like the service.

Because many Duo capabilities will be ported over to Google Meet, it would be incorrect to suggest that Google has completely cancelled Duo. Existing messages and history will stay in the app so you may continue to call and message your loved ones.

In actuality, the amalgamated app will be Google Duo, which will be renamed to Google Meet and will gain all of the functionality of the other app, including the ability to make video calls. Meet Original will be renamed and may eventually be phased out.


Is this all still a bit perplexing? Although Google’s goal is to simplify things with one video conference app, whether it’s for work or personal usage, it’s likely that it is.

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Google hopes that the Meet brand may be renowned for more than just “meetings” with this app merger. Scheduling meetings and using Gmail and Calendar will still be possible. Live content sharing, text chat, and real-time captioning will all be available. The maximum number of users on Meet has been increased to 100, up from the previous limit of 32.

VP and general manager of Google Workspace Javier Soltero said, “In the coming weeks, we’re adding all the Google Meet features to the Duo app, so users can easily schedule a video meeting at a time that works for everyone, or continue using video calling to instantly connect with a person or group.” “


Later this year, Duo will be renamed to Meet.

Google also claims that there will be no additional app for consumers to download. However, Google still needs to work out a few issues, such as how users will move to the new app. Getting this right may take some trial and error, but it is a step Google might have made much earlier, perhaps during the height of the pandemic when Google Meet usage was at its highest.


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