Google makes it easy to find quality Chrome extensions


Chrome will mark the best add-ons so you don’t have to look for them yourself.

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Google is aiming to simplify the process of determining whether or not a Chrome extension is worthwhile. New badges have been added to extensions in the Chrome store, allowing you to view important information at a glance, according to the firm.

‘Featured’ is the name of the first badge, which is fashioned like a ribbon. Extensions that “follow [Google’s] technological best practises and satisfy a high degree of user experience and design” will be highlighted in this section.


Because of the manual nature of this badge, it can only be awarded if an extension has been manually evaluated by an individual. Checking for “enjoyable and intuitive” extensions, as well as making sure developers are adhering to the current APIs, is part of this process.

“Accessible without extra passwords or fees,” and developers must have store pages outlining the purpose of each extension they offer and photographs of it in use.

The second badge is styled like a checkmark and will include extensions created by established publishers. According to Google, publishers that have “confirmed their identity and proved compliance with the developer programme standards” are eligible for the Chrome store’s verified social network accounts.


Furthermore, these extensions are unlikely to have been installed by criminals who want to use an extension for malicious purposes.

Verifying your identity is an important part of the process, but it’s not the only consideration. A “consistent positive track record” is also required by Google. That indicates there are no outstanding developer policy infractions, and publishers must demonstrate that they deserve this badge. As a result of this, Google claims it will take “at least a few months of obeying these standards to qualify.”

In order to boost user confidence in the system, publishers will not be able to pay for any of the badges. They may propose one of their current extensions for Featured badge consideration, though.


Users should not have any worries about installing an extension, and they should not worry about installing anything dangerous or useless. Our is the premise of this project. So, next time you’re browsing the Chrome shop and you see those badges, you may be a little more certain that you’re getting something decent.

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