Google Chrome extensions are receiving major upgrade


Google Chrome is going to label the greatest extensions so that you don’t have to search for them on your own time.

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It’s about to become much simpler to tell whether a Chrome extension is worth downloading or not, according to Google. Two new badges are now being applied to extensions in the Chrome store, making it easier than ever to read important information with one look.

The ‘Featured’ badge is designed like a prise ribbon and is the first one awarded. Extensions that “follow [Google’s] technological best practises and satisfy a high degree of user experience and design” will be highlighted in this section.


A manual method is required to get this badge, which entails the assessment of extensions against particular criteria by real humans. Checking for “enjoyable and intuitive” extensions, as well as making sure developers are adhering to the current APIs, is part of this process.

“Accessible without extra passwords or fees,” and developers must have store pages outlining the purpose of each extension they supply as well as photographs of it in use.

The second badge is styled like a checkmark and will include extensions created by established publishers. Publishers that have “confirmed their identity and proved compliance with the developer programme regulations” may get access to the Chrome store equivalent of verified social network accounts.


To put it another way, it’s unlikely that malicious actors installed these add-ons with the intention of exploiting them.

Nevertheless, there is more to it than merely confirming your identity. In addition, a “consistently favourable track record” is required by Google. There must be no outstanding developer policy infractions for publishers to get this badge. That means it “will require a few months of observing these standards to qualify,” as Google puts it. Google

Because publishers can’t pay for either the badges, this should make users feel more confident in the whole system. Only one of their current expansions may be nominated to get the badge.


Downloading an extension should be a worry-free experience for Chrome users. They shouldn’t have to wonder whether they’re installing anything harmful or useless. That way, the next time you’re looking through the Chrome store and see those badges, you’ll know you’re getting an excellent app.

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