Geekbench has also blacklisted Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series


When Samsung’s Game Optimization Service artificially thwarted app performance on some of its smartphones earlier this month, it sparked a public outcry (GOS). Apparently, the current Galaxy Tab S8 series tablets have been removed from the Geekbench database, as have the previous four generations of Samsung’s top Galaxy S phones.

Android Police recently tested the Galaxy Tab S8+ and Tab S8 Ultra and discovered that the two get much lower results in a modified version of Geekbench, which has its software package changed to popular game title Genshin Impact.. Due to the technique, single-core and multi-core CPU scores on the tablets were consistently lower than they would have been if they had been running the benchmarking programme.

(via Android Police)

The biggest gap was found between the conventional Geekbench score of 1,221 and 3,372 and the adjusted score of 920 and 3,000 for the Tab S8+. There is a surprising lack of throttling on the Galaxy Tab S7 series compared to the newer Tab S8 series.


Galaxy S22 users will soon be able to get around GOS’s CPU and GPU restrictions thanks to a new upgrade from Samsung. Older Galaxy-S series smartphones are expected to get the upgrade soon, and it’s reasonable to assume that the Tab S8 series will also get the same treatment. However, Samsung has yet to publish a formal announcement.

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