Finally The Batman on HBO Max: release date and time and more


The Dark Knight, starring Robert Pattinson, is flying to HBO Max.

Finally The Batman on HBO Max: release date and time and more
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The bat signal has been activated by HBO Max. Now, a wee bit early, you can catch up on The Batman on the online streaming service! Now that Robert Pattinson is playing Bruce Wayne and Zoe Kravitz is playing Catwoman, why aren’t you watching them on TV right now?

This past month, an HBO Max bug seemed to corroborate that The Batman’s streaming release date is going to be April 19, which former WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar said in an interview. This coincides with the 45-day theatrical release window closing on April 19.


It was just revealed that the blockbuster film will begin streaming on April 18th thanks to HBO Max. HBO will broadcast it on Saturday, April 23 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, as well.


The Batman is streaming right now, having dropped on HBO Max today (Monday, April 18 at 3 a.m. ET).

Pattinson is introduced in The Batman as the new Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. the Dark Knight or the Caped Crusader, by the title character. Batman investigates the murky underground as Gotham City is plagued by a vicious murderer who leaves behind cryptic riddles. Selina Kyle, alias Catwoman (Kravitz), and Lt. James Gordon, a police officer, are his partners in crime (Jeffrey Wright). As Bruce digs more into the city’s underbelly, he starts to wonder whether his own ancestors are complicit.


At this point the film has grossed $735 million, making it the most successful picture of this year. The Penguin spin-off series and a sequel to Batman 2 are in the works (Colin Farrell).

To watch The Batman online, click here.

In the United States, how can you watch The Batman online?

The Batman premiered in the United States on March 4. In the early hours of this morning (Monday, April 18), it started streaming on HBO Max.


The film’s running duration is two and a half hours.

HBO Max is a great option for those who haven’t already done so. It’s the greatest streaming service in our opinion.

To view The Batman in Canada, follow these instructions.

The Batman will be available on Crave for Canadians who don’t have access to HBO Max.


It offers a seven-day free trial for the streaming service. It costs $19.98 CAD a month for the Movies + HBO bundle after the first month.

The finest VPN services, such as ExpressVPN, are essential if you’re an American vacationing overseas and want to access all of your paid services.

How to see The Batman in the United Kingdom

Unfortunately, HBO Max is not available in the United Kingdom. Several Warner Bros. films are available on Sky and NOW TV for as little as £25 per month. If and when The Batman will be available on these services is still up in the air.


Our guide to watching HBO from any location may still be able to let you see the movie.

Here’s how to see The Batman in Australia:

Australia doesn’t have HBO Max, either. The Batman will not be available to Australians until further notice.

In the interim, travellers to Australia may use one of the finest VPN services to continue using their paid services while on the road.


The trailers for Batman

Warner Bros. released a number of teasers and videos to promote The Batman. The official trailer for the film may be seen below:

Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne’s sexual tension was the focus of another teaser, dubbed The Bat and the Cat.

Additional footage of the Joker, who is expected to play a major role in The Batman 2: Rebirth, was seen in a deleted scene, as well.


Batman’s On-Screen Family

Robert Pattinson stars as Bruce Wayne, the true identity of the Batman persona. Masked vigilante who saves Gotham City from a recluse millionaire.

  • Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle / Catwoman, a nightclub waitress, drug dealer, and cat burglar.
  • Paul Dano as Edward Nashton / Riddler, a forensic account turned serial killer who live-streams his murders.
  • Jeffrey Wright as James Gordon, a lieutenant in the Gotham City Police Department.
  • John Turturro as Carmine Falcone, a crime boss and Selina’s father.
  • Peter Sarsgaard as Gil Colson, district attorney. 
  • Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce’s butler and mentor.
  • Colin Farrell as Oswald “Oz” Cobblepot / Penguin, Falcone’s associate and operator of the Iceberg Lounge.
  • Jayme Lawson as Bella Reál, a mayoral candidate.
  • Rupert Penry-Jones as Don Mitchell Jr., Gotham’s mayor.
  • Alex Ferns as Pete Savage, GCPD commissioner.
  • Con O’Neill as Mackenzie Bock, GCPD chief
  • Peter McDonald as William Kenzie, a GCPD officer.
  • Gil Perez-Abraham as Martinez, a GCPD officer.
  • Barry Keoghan as an Arkham prisoner / the Joker.

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