F1 22 and new game features, including F1 Life Official release date


New F1 22 video game from Codemasters and Electronic Arts is set to be released on September 25, and pre-orders are now being accepted.

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In addition to the new Miami circuit, the layouts of Australia and Abu Dhabi will be reworked, as well as F1 Sprint events and the next age of Formula One vehicles.

Oculus Rift and HTC Vive will also be supported for PC virtual reality.


F1 Manager 2022 is a must-have for every Formula One lover.

‘F1 Life’ is a configurable area where players can showcase their supercars, apparel and accessories obtained via gaming, Podium Pass and the in-game shop.

Players who pre-order the Champions Edition before May 16 will get three days of early access and a limited-time Miami-themed bonus pack.


Lee Mather, F1 Senior Creative Director at Codemasters, remarked, “We look forwards to welcome our gamers to the next age of Formula One.”

“Real-world modifications have been implemented in tandem with the new aerodynamic regulations, which have made the handling more realistic. There has never been a better opportunity for gamers to sit in their seats and experience the life of an F1 driver with new and upgraded circuits, adaptive AI, ‘F1 Life,’ and additional gaming choices.”

With the addition of additional ‘immersive’ and ‘broadcast’ settings for race days, players may now tailor their gaming to suit their own preferences.. Risk-reward tasks are available in immersive mode while broadcast mode incorporates “managed cinematics” to further enhance the action.


Learn more about the F1 Sprint here: In advance of Imola, we’ll go through the format.

Players of all skill levels may take on the challenge thanks to the game’s adaptive AI, which automatically adjusts the racers’ abilities to match the player’s own. The game’s familiar menus and controls are also back for those who want to get right into the action.

‘My Team’ returns, with players given a choice of beginning budget and three entrance situations, as well as new practise programmes.


The 10-year career mode, the two-player career mode, and the epic online multiplayer mode are all returning as well.

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