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Can we get an Apple Watch for free through your health insurance


These insurance carriers let you “earn” a free Apple Watch by achieving fitness objectives

Do you know how to receive an Apple Watch for free via health insurance? Having said that, we will go through how you can acquire an Apple Watch for free (or at a significant discount) if you don’t have health insurance.

Incentives from insurance companies may provide the greatest prices on Apple Watches. Of course, not everyone is eligible for these incentives, which are frequently geared to promote regular movement among older populations. A fall detection feature on Apple’s wristwatch can summon emergency services, and the device can detect indicators of atrial fibrillation to keep tabs on one’s heart health.


Understanding how to use the Apple Watch may make it more easy to take care of oneself, whether it’s shutting your Apple Watch rings or understanding how to utilise the Apple Watch Blood Oxygen app.

However, at $399 for the entry-level model, the Apple Watch 7, it’s hardly the most cheap health tracker. That’s one of the reasons a number of health insurance carriers designed plans to get the Apple Watch on its clients’ wrists for less. Some allow customers “earn” their Apple Watch by doing continuous activity, while other providers provide specific health discounts that may partly fund a new wristwatch.

Using your health insurance to get a free Apple Watch

If you want to save money on your Apple Watch, you should first determine which model is the greatest fit for your requirements before looking into insurance coverage. If you’re interested in comparing the Apple Watch 7 vs. Apple Watch SE or the Apple Watch SE vs. Apple Watch 3, we’ve got guides for you.


Health insurance companies such as those mentioned below promote their Apple Watch programmes as an additional selling point (or in the case of BlueCross BlueShield, offer concrete alternatives.) If your health insurance isn’t mentioned here, it doesn’t mean you can’t acquire an Apple Watch for free or for less. See whether you qualify for a lesser-known refund by speaking with your health insurance provider.


Aetna, one of the country’s top health insurance carriers, provides one of the most enticing schemes to receive a free Apple Watch. Aetna calls it Attain. This programme encourages Aetna customers to request an Apple Watch, and they’ll receive their wristwatch on loan. Customers must then “earn” an Apple Watch by achieving daily or weekly activity objectives and paying up to $4 per day up to the watch’s worth in order to get one. The Attain app will let clients select their exercises and keep track of earned bucks.

Alternatively, if you already possess an Apple Watch, you may use the Attain app to earn gift cards for your activities. Gift cards from places like Amazon, Best Buy, and CVS are all possibilities.



Also offering a discount on the Apple Watch is UnitedHealthCare, a major health insurance company. Like those enrolled in Attain by Aetna, UnitedHealthCare Motion subscribers may earn an Apple Watch by walking it off. Apple’s on-demand fitness programme, Apple Fitness Plus, is also available for free to all UnitedHealthCare subscribers. Getting started with Apple Fitness Plus for free has never been easier. To be clear, an Apple Watch may only be requested by Motion members.

John Hancock

The John Hancock Vitality Plus membership levels enables users earn their Apple Watch for nearly nothing. The up-front fee for the newest Apple Watch is $25 plus tax. Over 24 months, consumers owe monthly payments towards the outstanding debt. However, the cheaper your monthly price is, the more you exercise each month. You won’t have to make any more payments if you accumulate enough Vitality Points each month.

Additionally, John Hancock Vitality Plus provides a free Amazon Halo Band and three-year Halo subscription (worth $244) in addition to complementary Fitbit devices if you aren’t set on getting an Apple Watch.


Medicare via Devoted Health

The first Medicare Advantage plan for Apple Watch was launched by Devoted Health, a commercial medicare provider. While consumers won’t be able to acquire an Apple Watch fully for free, Devoted Health will repay $150 off in most situations. That’s a significant reduction, and considerably greater than any bargains we’ve seen outside of health insurance.

The discount, dubbed Wellness Bucks from Devoted Health, may really apply to any of the finest smartwatches, top fitness trackers or other wearable gadgets. Customers may also repay gym subscriptions or fitness lessons up to $150.

BlueCross BlueShield

BlueCross BlueShield does not presently provide any ways to finance or earn an Apple Watch. As a result, we’ve placed it in our list of the top Fitbit gadgets in case you’re interested. Increase your daily activity and save up to 20% on Fitbit fitness trackers and smartwatches with Blue365. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to get in shape while still saving money.


Check out our guide on Apple Watch vs. Fitbit to find which wearable brand is ideal for you. Visit our purchasing guide for smartwatches for additional information and shopping advice.

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