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Apple’s ‘Peak performance’ March Event maybe it’s most significant in a decade


And on March 8th, Apple… Even if this launch is nearly here, we always ask that question, often only seconds after a product launch, as we anxiously await the next item. When the iPhone 13 came out in September, there were rumours about the iPhone 14.

Apple 'Peak performance' March Event — iPhone SE 3, iPad Air 5, new MacBook Pro and more

Speculation is common before, during, and after each Apple product announcement. Maybe I’m seeing things, but March 8 seems different, larger, more significant.

It might be the number of currents and possible new product categories. Maybe this is the first significant Apple launch since the “pandemic’s conclusion.” The epidemic isn’t ended, but our attitude has changed: workplaces, roads, and commuter lines are packed again. Offices are losing their masks. We’re returning to normality. What do we need or want from Apple in this new world?


Maybe you’re not feeling it. No more than I’ve seen several Apple product events in person and online. So many of them happened in January. MacBook Airs, iPads, and iPod Shuffles. But the possible quantity of product releases this time suggests a launch extravaganza of epic proportions:

  • Phone SE
  • MacBook Air
  • Mac Mini
  • M2
  • AirPods Pro 2
  • Suprise: Apple AR Glasses

Obviously, this is all based on informed guesswork, and Apple may debut just a few gadgets, leaving us thinking, “What was all the excitement about?” I doubt it since Apple is a market listener as well as a mover.

Tim Cook, Apple‘s CEO, isn’t a showman like his late predecessor Steve Jobs, but he understands customers and can detect a national and worldwide mood. Apple’s market is ready for more.


It’s time

Apple Watch launched seven years ago, and it still leads smartwatch shipments and the conventional watch market. It shows Apple can easily win a market once there joins it. Sadly, Apple’s new market growth is moving at a snail’s pace.

Apple aficionados eat up new category rumours for years. People are beginning to picture something major in the weeks coming up to what would ordinarily be considered a quiet March/Spring event.

Apple Cars, augmented, virtual, and mixed reality headwear, and even a hypothetical Apple smart TV (okay, the last one might just be me).


Our desire for a new beginning has seeped into product anticipation. Apple is expected to launch the product year in a manner that CES, Samsung, and Mobile World Congress have not.

Apple is not a consumer electronics firm. Some see it as an emblem, others as a joke. It’s hard to find an Apple agnostic. It fosters passion because people expect it to provide passionate goods.

Tim Cook‘s job

Cook may not recognise the millions of eyes set on him through video, but he’ll know they’re there, waiting with bated breath.


Because the actuality of that International tragedy threatens to overwhelm attention and action everywhere, Cook may well start with Ukraine. Its optimism will swiftly transform to good news in a worldwide rebound and how Apple and its customers are returning to normal, said Apple.

His next comments will be on Apple’s latest digital wizardry to fit our new normal. This isn’t just a slew of mediocre updates.

Colors that make us feel alive are needed as well as new items and technology. It’s the ideal moment for Apple to reinvent itself with one (or two) new product categories that remind us that it’s not only a fancy gadget and service company. It’s a pioneer.


We’re ready for you, Apple, to lead us into the new decade. Don’t fail us. Source

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