Apple Watch 8 may arrive with skin temperature sensor


A possible extension of blood pressure monitoring till 2024 is possible.

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Apple’s forthcoming wristwatch, the Apple Watch 8, is said to have a lack of blood pressure and glucose sensors. Currently, the blood pressure sensor is scheduled for release in 2024 according to a recent study (though subject to further delay.)

The good news is that a new skin temperature sensor might be included to the Apple Watch 8. Please read on for details.


According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, “people with knowledge of the topic” expect blood pressure monitoring will be accessible “at the earliest in 2024.” Due to issues with accuracy, the functionality may be delayed until 2025.

Blood pressure monitoring on Apple Watch may not appear the way we thought when it launches in the future. For now, it seems that Apple Watch owners won’t be able to get accurate readings of their own blood pressure through the wearable device, and instead would have to rely on a doctor or an at-home blood pressure monitor, according to the most recent information from Gurman. The Apple Watch will only be able to detect indicators of hypertension or high blood pressure, and recommend additional medical treatment if necessary..

The temperature sensor on the new Apple Watch 8 measures the wearer’s temperature.


In the past, Gurman has said that the Apple Watch 8 would not include blood pressure tracking. A skin temperature sensor, though, didn’t seem plausible at the time, according to the Apple insider. A body temperature sensor is now being planned for the watch by Apple, according to Gurman.

First, it is believed that the skin temperature reader would provide information on fertility and other upcoming aspects of women’s health. When a person’s body temperature rises over the normal range, the Apple Watch may alert the wearer to seek medical attention. (Earlier this year, I explained why the Apple Watch lacks a recovery option.)

Gurman’s sources did not specify a release date for the potentially game-changing solution for Apple Watch users with diabetes that would include blood glucose level sensors. In the near future, we may see “better support for third-party glucose metres,” or additional options for diabetics to gather and monitor their blood glucose levels via the Health app.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 might compete for best smartwatch of the year if it beats the Apple Watch to a non-invasive blood glucose metre. In light of the fact that the upcoming Galaxy Watch is expected to have a skin temperature sensor as well as a blood pressure sensor that has already been approved by the FDA.

Now that the Apple Watch 8 has been announced, what can we expect to see? According to Gurman, the Health and Workout applications on the next Apple wristwatch may include “additional women’s health, sleep, exercise, and medication management functions.” More particular, a new statistic dubbed “burden” in watchOS 9 may assist consumers better comprehend the patterns in atrial fibrillation (AFib) on their Apple Watches.

Additionally, a more affordable Apple Watch SE 2 and an extreme-sports-focused Apple Watch might join the Apple Watch 8 in the future.


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