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Apple Car Could Offer A ‘Windowless’ VR Experience To Passengers


We still don’t know much about Apple’s planned “Apple Car,” but the rumour mill is working overtime. Recent rumours regarding Apple’s planned electric vehicles feature a windowless design, which recently went popular on social media.


An Apple patent application for an in-car infotainment system based on virtual reality was first reported by VRScout. According to the Tweet, “Apple’s self-driving car could incorporate VR technology and no windows.

Let’s Go Digital posted an image of a two-year-old Apple Car prototype in December 2020, according to this report. “With wheels connected,” as Tom’s Guide correctly pointed out, the Apple Car depicted in this illustration appears like a black Magic Mouse.


Virtual reality on Apple Car

A virtual reality headset-wearing passenger is depicted in the rumoured Apple Car. According to the real patent that originally appeared on Patently Apple two weeks ago, Apple Car’s specifications look to be somewhat different from what was previously reported.

A self-driving automobile headset is the subject of a new patent. From video talks to watching movies, it appears that users would be able to accomplish nearly all smartphone-related activities while driving.

Apple, on the other hand, aims to make the experience more immersive. According to the patent, a rider might be pursued by virtual zombies as they advance through the course. To give the user an immersive experience, it appears that the experience, including a car’s acceleration and braking, would be altered. 4DX features, such as wind blowing in your face, and others could be included in the Apple Car.


Concerned about motion sickness? Don’t, according to the patent. Riders in the Apple Car would be able to see the outside world through a virtual reality headset. Around 2025, it’s possible that Apple may release an electric automobile.

You can preorder the Apple Car now, but what do you think of it? Let us know what you think in the comments. Keep reading for more in the area of technology and science.


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