Apple’s AR/VR headset may be nearing release. Details


Unless the hardware is nearly finished, Apple is unlikely to devote all of its resources to software development until it knows exactly what features and software to include.

Apple’s board, historically, sees devices shortly before an announcement. (File/Reuters)

An augmented and virtual reality headset was recently shown to Apple’s board of directors. According to a report by Bloomberg, the Cupertino-based tech giant’s engineers are hard at work developing an operating system for the device.

In any case, this does not suggest that Apple will make an announcement about the headset during its developer conference in June.


According to Bloomberg, Apple’s board often gets a look at smartphones just before they go on sale. Early demos of Siri were given to Apple’s board of directors in 2011.

Even if the hardware is nearly finished, Apple is unlikely to invest heavily in software development until it has a clear idea of the features and functionality that will be needed. It has been claimed by Bloomberg that Apple has accelerated development of “Reality OS,” or rOS, the operating system running on these headsets.

It’s been quite some time since Apple started working on a mixed-reality headset. The Information recently reported that in 2016, board members also had the opportunity to try out a few prototype augmented reality/virtual reality devices. While the report explains that these were prototypes, they were primarily used as a means of securing funds and proving an idea. For a consumer release in late 2022 or early 2023, Bloomberg reported that the headgear will be available, and it is likely that the headset showed off was closer to its ultimate state.


Virtual aspects might be added to the real environment using the headgear, according to rumours and leaks from the company. Apple Watch-like headband and AirPods Max-like fabric mesh were rumoured by The Information.

It has been reported that the headset will be powered by an M1-class chip, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. A Bloomberg report from earlier this week claimed that Apple had to delay its debut because of “challenges relating to content and overheating” and troubles with the cameras on the devices. This seems to confirm that.


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