Android users must do care about OS updates


We questioned our readers about their interest in Android updates. It seems that the majority of them do.

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What you must understand

  • We surveyed our audience to find out how much they value new Android releases.
  • More than 80% of those who voted said they liked getting updates on their Android phones.
  • Only a small portion are content with getting security updates alone.

We questioned our readers about their interest in receiving upgrades for their phones as Android 13 is currently in beta and the stable update is about to follow. Nearly 7,000 people responded, and more than 80% said they had “all the updates” on their phones. Solely 10% of voters, however, claim to be unconcerned if their phone only receives security updates.

According to one Twitter user, upgrades demonstrate a company’s concern for the smartphones it sells to customers:


Although OPPO was singled out, their issue is quite similar to that of Qualcomm’s Smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders, which cost fans a staggering $1500 yet received no updates for several months. Of course, Google and Samsung provide the best software support, and even Microsoft, with its most recent Surface Duo 2, maintains a very regular upgrade schedule.

One reader, Kevin Blanco, said on Facebook that they admit to prefer security fixes because numerous launchers can effectively improve the look and feel of a phone without requiring an OS upgrade.

They admit that they are more interested in OS updates than security updates. “With a nice launcher like Nova, Action, or another one, you probably don’t even consider the OS version you use because you’ve personalized your phone and only pay attention when you need to go into Settings. You may simulate whatever OS version you choose by using a good launcher.”


Blanco enjoys Motorola’s phones and doesn’t mind that they don’t get as many updates, despite the fact that it doesn’t offer significant software support and many of the best inexpensive Android phones. The overall consensus among readers who responded to this question was that the average consumer will typically not care about an Android upgrade.

Another Twitter reader said they don’t care about updates because they frequently cause problems:


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