Top Apple WatchOS 9 Faces | 5 New Features You Can Try

Your Apple Watch will soon get a fresh new design. There are currently 4 variations of the new Apple WatchOS 9 Faces. You’ll have more personalization possibilities with Apple WatchOS 9. Even if you have an older Apple Watch, the new update makes it function like brand-new. These updates will be comparable to iOS 16.

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There is a low power mode in WatchOS 9. This update is urgently required because Apple Watch’s battery life is poor. In iOS 16, you can also connect your Apple Watch face to Focus. It’s an excellent time to buy an Apple Watch with its automobile crash detection feature, heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen monitors. The Apple Watch Series 8 is now accessible in a variety of hues and with wrist bands.

What new Apple WatchOS9 faces are available for testing? The new Apple WatchOS 9 Faces are all listed below.


Apple WatchOS 9 Faces

Apple has introduced new Faces for your Apple Watch. These will give all the older generation of Apple Watches a new Face as well. Update your Apple Watch to watchOS 9 to try these new faces. Here are the Apple watchOS 9 faces.

  • Astronomy– This new watchOS 9 face has detailed 3D images of the Moon and Earth.
Apple WatchOS 9 Faces
  • Lunar– This one will give you a glimpse of the comparison between the Georgian calendar and the Lunar calendar. You will see the difference between the two calendars on your Apple Watch Face.
Apple WatchOS 9 Faces
  • Metropolitan– This new watch face will give your Apple Watch the classic timeless look. You will see the watch analog with various customization options.
Apple WatchOS 9 Faces
  • Playtime– This Apple WatchOS 9 Face his more zestful and personalized than the rest. It is created in collaboration with Artist and Illustrator Joi Fulton.

Other than these, you can also try the Simple, Modular, Portraits, Modular Compact, and X-Large if your Apple Watch has a large display face. And yes, you can now try the new Nike watch faces with Apple WatchOS 9 as well.

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Wrapping Up

You are now aware of every new Apple WatchOS 9 Face. More customization possibilities are available for the new Apple Watch Faces. Your Apple Watch will feel and look different as a result. We’ll continue to offer such trending tech news. For more, keep checking out thetechxp!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is watchOS 9 released?

Yes, watchOS 9 was released on 12 September. You can now update your Apple Watch to this new OS.

What is new in Watch OS9?

You can now personalize your Apple Watch with new faces, add medication management, sleep-tracking apps, and much more.


How many new Faces are there in Apple WatchOS 9?

Apple watchOS 9 has 4 new faces for you to choose and try from. Other than that you can also try Simple, Modular, Portraits, Modular Compact, and X-Large watch faces.

Does watchOS 9 require iOS 16?

Yes, watchOS 9 required iOS 16. You will have to update your iPhone OS to iOS 16 or later.




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