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Undoubtedly, technology has made life easier and given us cutting-edge solutions to all of our problems, but it has also given rise to global cyberbullying and harassing activities. Children are more likely to risk their mental health due to such experiences than adults, who can deal with them more maturely.

parental control 2

The post will outline the top parental control app that enables people to protect their kids from shady activities. In order to fully inform readers and introduce FamiSafe, the following topics will be covered:

Part 1: The Primary Reasons to Use Parental Control Apps – Why Should You Use Them?

There are plenty of reasons why parents should keep checking their children’s phone activity. Here, we will explain the major reasons why parents should use parental control applications:


1. Cyberbullying is a Snag

Technology has made cyberbullying easier because everyone has phones in their hands, and they can utilize technology in any way. Nowadays, kids receive hateful and violent text messages, calls, and emails. Sometimes, bullies make fake Instagram or Facebook accounts to post their victim’s embarrassing photos. 

2. Save Kids from Sexual Content

Twitter, as well as other social media platforms, display sexual content. Twitter’s search function works similarly to the Google search bar. Due to Twitter’s loose standards, you only need to type the “Sexual” word in the search bar, and the search will reveal countless explicit images. Therefore, parents should not overlook such inappropriate social media usage. 

3. Screen Time Limit is a Necessity

Screen time can be addictive for your teenage children. Excessive screen time for kids can directly affect their health and cause poor eyesight and bad posture. Parents can impose better health and other activities by limiting their children’s screen time. This way, children will have media-free time and focus on their studies too. 


4. Defend Online Reputation

Kids might flood their social media accounts with posts and pictures from vacations and celebrations. But it is necessary to keep some information and activities private. You can keep a check on your child’s social media activity and restrict them from uploading every life detail on the internet. 

5. Block Harmful Apps

In some circumstances, it becomes difficult to control your child and forbid them from using a specific app. If you think you cannot limit them from using a certain app, you can block that app from their phone. Many parental applications help parents to control app usage and block certain harmful applications from their children’s phones. 

Part 2: Wondershare FamiSafe – The Perfect Parental Control App

Wondershare FamiSafe is a reliable application for checking up on your child and tracking his online activities. This application provides an activity report where you can view your child’s daily phone activity, apps he has been using daily, and his favorite apps. The app blocking feature of FamiSafe helps parents to keep their children away from time-consuming apps. 

How to Ensure Proper Parental Control on Your Kid - Wondershare FamiSafe

If you are a worried parent for your child’s safety, FamiSafe offers real-time location tracking. You can check if your kids are at school or home. This feature helps parents to prevent their children from visiting suspicious places. FamiSafe also monitors social apps and detects explicit and offensive words. After that, this app informs parents about suspicious texts on their children’s phones.

Part 3: Guide to Use FamiSafe Properly For Keeping a Check on Your Kids

It takes a few minutes to set FamiSafe up on both parents and child’s devices. Here, we are providing a complete guide for beginners on how to set up the devices with FamiSafe:

Set Up Parent’s Phone

Step 1: The first step requires you to download Wondershare FamiSafe from the Play Store or App Store. After installing it, launch the app on your device and press the “Start” button. 

go through the famisafe features

Step 2: Now, set up your account by registering a Wondershare ID or login into the application via your Google, Apple, or Facebook ID. There is also a “Continue as Guest” option available on the FamiSafe welcome screen.

register famisafe account

Step 3: The software will redirect you to a new screen where you can attempt to connect to your child’s device. Next, tap on the “Connect a Device” option to access the next screen. From here, you can get a QR code or pairing code to connect with your child’s device. 

How to Ensure Proper Parental Control on Your Kid - Wondershare FamiSafe

Set Up Child’s Phone

Step 1: To pair your child’s device with your smartphone, you need to scan the QR code on your device from the child’s device. It will install the FamiSafe app on their device and connect it automatically.

How to Ensure Proper Parental Control on Your Kid - Wondershare FamiSafe

Step 2: Other than that, you can download FamiSafe on your child’s device from Play Store or App Store. After downloading it, launch the app and hit the “Start” button. Add the pairing code on the next screen that you receive while setting up FamiSafe on your device.

How to Ensure Proper Parental Control on Your Kid - Wondershare FamiSafe

Set Up Permissions on your Child’s Device (iPhone)

Step 1: If your child has an iPhone, you will have to activate “Accessibility” for FamiSafe. To do this, go to “Settings” and look up “FamiSafe” in the list of applications. Access its settings and tap on “Location” to activate it.

Activate Accessibility

Step 2: Now, you need to install the FamiSafe profile to grant permission to monitor and control the device. Follow the on-screen instructions to provide permissions to FamiSafe, so it can operate on your child’s iPhone.

Install FamiSafe profile

Step 3: You will need to activate the content blockers in Safari to block inappropriate content on the browser. For that, search for “Safari” in the “Settings” app on the iPhone. Locate the “Content Blockers” option in the Safari settings and click on it. Now, enable “FamiSafe” from the available list.

Enable content blockers

Set Up Permissions on your Child’s Device (Android)

Step 1: You need to enable different permissions if your child has an Android device. To access the parental information easily, activate Accessibility on the device. Now, activate “Start in Background” to allow FamiSafe to block apps remotely.

Activate start in the background

Step 2: Once you have set it up, enable the “Display over other apps” option to interfere with the working procedure of applications on Android. For generating activity reports, turn on the “App Supervision.” 

Activate app supervision

Step 3: Now, turn on the “Notification Access” so the FamiSafe app can capture messages on your child’s Android device. For setting a screen time on your kid’s smartphone, activate the “Device Administrator” settings. Next, enable the “AutoStart” and “Battery Saver” options on Android. You might also need to activate the location on FamiSafe to monitor the location.

Activate location

Utilizing FamiSafe’s Parental Control Feature

If you want to limit your child’s screen time or keep track of their online activity, launch FamiSafe on your phone and find the “Features” section. Find the relative feature and enable it to discover the much-needed information about your child. 

How to Ensure Proper Parental Control on Your Kid - Wondershare FamiSafe


This article has offered important reasons why it is necessary to utilize a parental-control tool. Many unplanned events are avoided because to these applications. FamiSafe, which offers a great tracking option for your child’s online activity, has been released. This article also includes a step-by-step tutorial for installing FamiSafe on the phones of parents and children to help novices.




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