Today’s Wordle clues and hints — answer #351, Sunday, June 5


Wordle #351 is now available for your viewing enjoyment. To help you out, here are a few tips and the answer…

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There’s a good chance that today’s Wordle puzzle will be a challenge. In theory, answering it in 3.9 guesses would theoretically make it easier than yesterday’s, but that wasn’t actually my experience with the NYT’s WordleBot tool.

With that in mind, here are some tips that might be of use to you. Failure is never more than six guesses away when playing Wordle.


So far, I’ve beaten every Wordle and only lost once, so I’ve learned a lot about the game. In addition, I’ve gone through each Wordle response in search of patterns and have some additional suggestions for you there. In addition, if you’re new to Wordle, be sure to check out my explanation of what it is.

I’ll be adding new information to this post each day to assist you in finding the correct Wordle solution for the current day. For those of you who aren’t able to go past the tips, I’ll even provide the answer if you’re really stuck. In case you’re viewing this at a different time zone, I’ve also included my thoughts on yesterday’s puzzle, #350.

Game #351 is about to get spoiler-filled, so be warned. If you want to know today’s Wordle answer, please continue reading!


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Helpful hints are included in today’s Wordle Answer #351.
You should start each game with one of the top Wordle start words. However, if you’re looking for more specifics, here they are:

There is only one vowel in it* and no repetition of letters.
Starting and ending with vowels is a safe bet for those slots. It’s possible to use other letters as vowels, depending on how they are employed.


These clues should help you find today’s Wordle answer at the very least. If not, continue reading for a more detailed explanation; alternatively, if you’re only looking for the solution, continue reading.

The Wordle answer for today’s puzzle is a dimension.

It’s time to move on to the next question…


THE WORDLE ANSWER #351 – JUNE 5, 2017 –
Wordle appeared on two smartphones at the same time.

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As a result, what’s the Wordle answer for today’s game #35?

Attention: DEPTH is about to begin.


In many aspects, this game is identical to yesterday’s. WordleBot Tool (now regrettably behind a paywall) gives it an average score of 3.9; yesterday’s score was 4.1. It is difficult, but not so difficult that it will break too many streaks (hopefully).

The fact that five frequent letters are used in regular placements and the name concludes with the same two-letter combination, TH, can be added to that.

When compared to its position yesterday, it’s now down to 20,600th in the English language according to Word and Phrase Info(opens in new tab).


What about the letters? According to my examination of each Wordle answer, the majority of these words are pretty popular in the context they’re used in. Nineteenth- and sixth-most-commonly-used initial letters in the game both begin with D.

The letter E, on the other hand, is by far the most common in the game, coming in at number two on the list of most frequently occurring letters. Although it’s less likely to be found in #4, where it ranks tenth, T is the fifth most frequent letter overall.

That leaves P as the only outlier in this case. Overall, it ranks at 15th, right below D and H, although unlike those two letters, P is more often seen at the beginning of a Wordle solution. Only 57 of the 365 games in which it appears have it in the third position, while 141 have it in the beginning.


For much of the time, my game consisted of “chasing the yellow letters around,” which put a strain on my anagram-solving abilities.

Wordle’s best start word is STARE, so I used that to get a yellow T and yellow E. In the end, WordleBot said I had 54 options left, which is a lot, but anyone who chose CRANE was left with 127 options, meaning they faced a far more difficult route.

For this game, as well as the one before it, I decided to focus on patterns rather than exhaustively searching for every conceivable solution.


TIMED, TONED, TOWEL, TILED, TYPED, and TUNED all appeared to be variants of T—E-, usually with a D at the end. It was not uncommon to see the format —TE- (often used to denote votes for hotels and motels) or E—-T, occasionally with an additional E included (EDICT, EVICT, ELECT, EVENT, EXTOL, EIGHT).

FLEET, THEFT, TEPID, and COVET were examples of answers that didn’t fit any of those patterns.

In the end, I went with TONED since it allowed me to play the letters O, N, and D, all of which appeared in several of the solutions I’d uncovered.


There are 351 words in this word cloud.

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Although this was incorrect, the yellow D I received was really valuable. WordleBot tells me that at this time, I had whittled it down to just six answers—a significant improvement from the previous 54.

In retrospect, I see that none of my —-ED words were genuinely viable alternatives, as I discovered when I checked WordleBot. WordleBot’s list of solutions that I had ruled out did not include any of these guesses (or at least TONED).


Wordle replies may use the format T—ED or -TED, but none of mine did. This is not a hard and fast rule, but it’s noteworthy that none of mine did. A decent choice in terms of limiting things down, but playing TONED or any of the other options I’d found would not have resulted in a 2/6 score. It’s something I’ll definitely keep in mind for future games.

I’m sorry, but I’m getting off track. However, it informed me that the D wasn’t at the end of the string. As it turned out, I’d only discovered one of the six possible answers — EDICT — and so I proceeded to play that one first.

Although I wish I had spent more time here, EDICT was a good fit and I felt there would be few other viable options remaining at this point. For the record, I could have selected from DEBUT, DWELT, DEBIT, DEITY, or DEPTH in addition to EDICT if I had looked carefully. As a result, I will need to devote more time to brainstorming words that begin with D in the near future.


As it turned out, it didn’t make much of a difference. Although EDICT wasn’t the correct answer for my fourth attempt, it did leave me with only one potential response for DEPTH even if I had identified all six of them.

As soon as I learned DEPTH was an option in today’s Wordle, I knew it had to be today’s answer and scored 4/6.

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