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This Alexa function improves video calls on Echo Show


When it comes to Echo Show functions, Alexa Call Captioning is an underappreciated one.

Amazon Echo Show devices have an underappreciated feature that improves video chats, especially for users with disabilities. In video chats, Alexa Call Captioning can provide live captions so that you can read what the other person is saying. More languages are being added all the time.

It’s possible that you’ve already learned how to make a video call using the Echo Show, which is one of the greatest smart displays with Alexa built-in.


These speakers include the Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Generation) and the Amazon Echo Show 5 (3rd Generation) (2nd Gen). You may initiate a video call with anyone in your contact list by just asking Alexa to start one on these displays, which offer native Alexa communication features.

Suppose you’re deaf or hard of hearing, though. Or do you find it simpler to follow a conversation if the audio is accompanied with subtitles? It’s possible that you prefer to read as well as listen to audiobooks. Video calls with a single person can benefit from Alexa Call Captioning, which adds subtitles. Here’s a look at it in action:

Call Captioning was formerly only available in English, but now it may also be used in Spanish, French, and Portuguese. As a result, Echo Show customers now have better access to accessibility features.


You’ll get captions nearly immediately, regardless of the language you employ using Alexa Call Captioning. Consequently, you may be asking how to enable Alexa Call Captioning on your Echo Show (or any of the best Alexa speakers with a display.)

On the Echo Show, how do you enable Alexa Call Captioning?
You can enable Alexa Call Captioning for video chats on your Echo Show device by going to the Accessibility section of the device’s Settings and turning it on. It’s that easy.

This is one of the most impressive features of the Echo Show. A digital photo frame for your Echo Show is easy with our guide, and we’ve also got some general Alexa advice for you to peruse.


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