iOS 16 Messages now allows you to unsend text messages


Messages that have been sent can now be edited in iOS 16.

Changes to Messages in iOS 16 could save you from embarrassing typos and hurriedly sent texts when it launches this autumn. There are, however, some restrictions on Messages’ new abilities.

Specifically, we’re referring about the ability to amend iMessages that have already been sent, as well as the ability to completely undo messages that have already been sent.


Messages may save you from yourself in a variety of situations, and it doesn’t require a lot of imagination to think of them. The “f” in “shift” was accidentally omitted from a text message that you sent to coworkers concerning a change in attitude. Alternatively, when you decide to send a romantic text to your spouse throughout the day, only to discover that you’ve accidentally sent it to one of your coworkers. In these and many other circumstances, Edit and Undo can be a lifeline.

There are constraints to both editing and unsending messages in Messages, thus neither option is impregnable. Based on Apple’s WWDC preview and what we’ve heard from other sources, here’s a closer look at those top iOS 16 features, as well as a handful other changes to iOS 16 Messages.

iOS 16 is still a beta, so don’t expect it to be available to everyone just yet. Developers have access to it now, and the public will get access in July. There’s always the possibility that the features we’ve seen in previews will be different by the time the final version of iOS 16 Messages is released in the autumn, but for the time being, we’re optimistic.


iOS 16 Messages: Editing and Deleting

In iOS 16, the process of editing or deleting a message is the same. A pop-up window with the typical options of replying, copying, and translating the message, as well as a row of tapbacks, will emerge when you press the problematic message. Edit and Undo Send have been added to the pop-up window in iOS 16.

By selecting Edit, the message’s pointer is moved to the end. The on-screen keyboard appears and you can alter the message’s text to your heart’s desire. To save your changes, hit the checkmark on the right. Under the revised content, you’ll see a note indicating that you’ve edited the message.

Like Send Undone, Undo Send works similarly. As soon as you press that button, all of your messages are gone. Use this option wisely, as there is no way to validate that you actually wish to delete the message. When you unsend a message, the text in the message thread will show up as if you’d edited it in iMessage.


After you’ve sent the message, you have 15 minutes to make any changes or cancel the transmission. After 15 minutes, you lose the ability to edit or delete messages.

The 15-minute timeframe may not be enough time for you to make all of your modifications, even if you manage to do so. Only phones running iOS 16 can edit and undo, according to beta testers who’ve installed the developer version. When using an iPhone that is running iOS 15.5 or earlier, you can still see all of your typos. iOS 16’s beta testing and release could change that, but it’s a limitation to keep in mind.

iOS 16 will bring additional editing features to Messages.

Undo and Redo Although Apple’s iOS 16 preview has focused primarily on Send, it is not the only place where the company is making alterations to Messages. If a slew of text messages arrive at the same time and you’re unable to read them all, you can designate the thread as unread.


The Mark as Unread option displays when you swipe right on the main messages screen, so you can quickly mark messages as unread. In this method, you’ll be able to go back and read the messages whenever you like. Press and hold on the thread and select Mark as Unread from its pop-up menu to mark it as read.

If you accidentally delete a message or chat in iOS 16, you’ll still be able to retrieve it. To view the recently deleted messages, hit the Edit button on the main message screen and select Recent Deleted Messages. This folder will keep deleted messages for up to 30 days. When you delete a photo or a note from an app, the process is precisely the same.

As part of iOS 16, Messages is getting a few new features, including the ability to collaborate with other users in apps like Files and Keynote and Notes directly from the messaging app. That is something we’ll look into in greater detail when the public beta is released. For the time being, iOS 16’s improved Messages editing features appear to be one of the more welcome updates.


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