The Batman 2: release date, characters, villains and more


Pattinson’s batman will have to face what in the second round.

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Matt Reeves and Rober Pattison have been confirmed to return for the sequel to The Batman. Anyone who walked away from The Batman thinking three hours wasn’t enough of a fresh take on Batman will be happy to hear this.

Aside from the fact that it is happening and that Matt Reeves and the actors have been talking about it, there is not much information available regarding the next Batman movie. Could future Riddler codes provide any insight on this mystery?


As a result of all of the clues, secrets, and interviews that have surfaced, we’re going to break down everything we know about The Batman 2. Why don’t you join us in our bat-cave? As an additional cautionary note: This is your spoiler alert.

The Batman 2 release date has been the subject of much conjecture in recent months.

There is no need to decipher The Riddler’s cryptic riddles to realise that The Batman 2 is going to be a while away. Brandon Davis of spoke with Dylan Clark, producer of The Batman, who had some unpleasant news to share.

I can go on record and declare that it will be less than five years,” Clark added.


In the film The Batman, Robert Pattinson portrays Batman in a room full with photographs and possible evidence.

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However, we believe that four-plus years is a long time to wait for anybody.

Were you hoping for more specifics? So, that’s what I mean. Clark told Comic Book Movie that the crew is “very focused on having this movie viewed on the big screen by as many people across the world, and they’ll hopefully all shout very loudly that they want more” when asked about a possible sequel.


Well, it was a successful assignment. The Batman garnered $760 million at the worldwide box office, and Deadline says 4.1 million viewers saw the movie within a week of its HBO Max debut. More than any other blockbuster that has been released on Netflix.

Character and villain conjecture for the upcoming Batman 2 film

If Selina Kyle is heading to Bludhaven, there’s excellent reason to suppose we may see the entrance of Nightwing in The Batman 2, given that’s where he works out of. I’m not sure how Reeves would manage it. We’re not sure, to be honest.

However, some rumours originate from the source itself. For the sequel to The Batman, Robert Pattinson revealed he was considering one of Batman’s most feared foes, who has yet to appear in a film. The Court of Owls are a new group of bad guys for Batman, appearing in the comics for the first time in Scott Snyder’s 2011 run on the character.

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What Robert Pattinson stated, and Paul Dano’s response:

Pattinson: “I was definitely kind of thinking Court of Owls is probably gonna be in the sequel.”

Dano: “Oooh, don’t say it.”


Pattinson: “It definitely seems like— I mean, I am literally just guessing, I just keep saying it.”

Dano: “Court of Owls would be dope. Good thing it’s not in this film.”

Kravitz: “Or is it?”


Dano: “Or is it?”

If you didn’t know, the Court of Owls was a secretive organised criminal organisation with close links to the city of Gotham.

However, filmmaker Matt Reeves also has his own preferences. Reeves told Collider that he’d want to make his own version of Mr. Freeze, claiming that he’d like to make a movie about the character “In my opinion, I’m attracted to the more realistic aspects of things. Even the thought of something like Mr. Freeze, which is a terrific tale, would be a fascinating task for me to figure out how that might happen. It’s possible to tell a more grounded version of this narrative, which I believe would be compelling and inspiring.”


Additionally,, which houses the movie’s interactive gaming site, has hinted that comics villain Hush may make a cameo in the movie itself. We can’t test this since the game won’t run.

Preliminary cast rumours for the Batman 2 prequel

A Robert Pattinson-led The Batman 2 without Pattinson playing Bruce Wayne, Jeffrey Wright playing Jim Gordon, Andy Serkis playing Alfred, Zoe Kravitz playing Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Colin Farrell playing Penguin, and Paul Dano playing Edward Nashton/The Riddler is now inconceivable.

Bella Reál’s new mayor, Jayme Lawson, is expected to return.


In addition to these five? There was a joker in the prison, and we’ve figured out his identity.

Matt Reeves revealed to IGN that Barry Keoghan was the guy incarcerated besides The Riddler. “One day you’re on top, the next day you’re a clown” is what we’re all meant to believe the prisoner is saying., the ARG site for The Batman, has a new teaser that hints to the Joker and the Riddler working together in The Batman 2.


It’s time for Batman 2: What we desire

Batman against The Riddler, The Penguin, and The Joker looks to be a match made in heaven right now. Then there’s the rumour of Hush and Reeves’ interest in Mr. Freeze, of course. However, we’d want to see The Batman 2 include a character not named above: the Joker. Pamela Isley, the real Poison Ivy.

In part, this is due to the fact that The Batman was a film with a disproportionately masculine cast. In Gotham, unless you were Catwoman, you didn’t have much time to talk to women.

We’re certain that Reeves’ portrayal of the good doctor in these films is grounded and realistic. On top of that, Catwoman and Batman may have a fascinating love triangle thanks to Ivy.


Zoe Kravitz told Pedestrian that she’s interpreted Kyle as bisexual, and it’s not simply because she may attract Bruce Wayne, but because she believes Kyle is. According to Kravitz, Anika and Kyle had a “romantic connection” that she was aware of.

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