TBS cancelled Chad show right before its second season starts


Here’s why Chad is seeking for a new place to live:


This one is a little strange. Yesterday’s scheduled TBS program has been canceled. People shouldn’t be shocked, considering the program was already delayed once before it was axed.

Nasim Pedrad, a veteran of Saturday Night Live, stars in the comedy series Chad. So maybe it’s only right that the show’s cancellation was handled in a less-than-smooth manner, given the character of Chad.


TBS discreetly dropped Chad from its spring lineup, according to TVLine(opens in new tab). Then, on July 11, it was due to be released. “As we continue to evaluate material and adopt a new strategy for our network, we can now announce that season two of Chad will not run on TBS,” a TBS spokesman said to Deadline(opens in new tab). A TBS representative told EW that the network is “proactively investigating numerous alternatives to find the perfect home for it.” (opens in new tab)

What did people think of Chad?

This dry and uncomfortable comedy about an Iranian-American boy’s attempt to blend in at school also failed to fit in with the pop cultural scene. While he wasn’t exactly a critical darling, reviewers seemed to like Chad, as seen by his 81 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes (opens in new tab).

“Pedrad’s crisp and springy character work… calibrates the exact degree of petulance you need to understand this difficult protagonist without ever disliking him,” said Robyn Bahr of The Hollywood Reporter. “You’ll chuckle – but grimace – at the crude antics of the adolescent possessed by fully adult Nasim Pedrad,” wrote Chicago Sun-Times reporter Richard Roeper.


“Downright tiresome” is how Variety’s Caroline Framke described the evening. Despite the fact that she remarked, “Should ‘Chad,’ receive a second season, it would be more intriguing to watch what he accomplishes with even an ounce of confidence even if it doesn’t make for as many easy punchlines,” she implied that a second season was not inevitable.

According to RT’s 223 audience score votes, the series received a 15% audience rating. Matt M, a user, wrote: “That was one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen. The Saw movies had more humor and less torture and cringe in them than this. I still can’t believe they were given a second season of the show.” Writer Tina C “It’s cringey, cringey, cringey all over again! Just because it’s awful doesn’t mean it’s good. I’m appalled that anybody would believe this was acceptable or acceptable in any way!”

Why did Chad get canceled?

Besides the overwhelmingly bad feedback from customers, Chad also appeared on the radio at an inopportune moment.


Since Warner Bros. and Discover recently merged, the new management (headed by CEO David Zaslav) has been looking more closely at the bottom line of all Turner networks’ (including HBO Max) programming. Chad is the latest casualty of this shift in strategy. Snowpiercer, TNT’s most popular scripted series, was canceled last month. TBS canceled Tracy Morgan’s The Last O.G. earlier this year.

Miracle Workers, starring Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi, is the only remaining live-action TBS comedy.


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