Samsung trying to make your current devices last long life, For Earth Day 2022


Rather than focusing on new sustainability efforts for Earth Day 2022, Samsung wants to remind you of the gadgets you currently possess. Last month, the firm announced the usage of factory-certified used components, which would enable users to fix their smartphones for less money and prevent them from ending up in landfills. The company is striving for reduced e-waste and sustainable materials for packaging and accessories.

(Photo: Samsung)

Along with the introduction of a set of three cases and bands for the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung has also worked with Sean Wotherspoon to celebrate Earth Day.

A collection of sustainable accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S21 and the Galaxy Watch 4 is now available from the collaboration between Samsung and Sean Wotherspoon. They also come with a free watch face that you can download from Google Play to match the band.


You may choose from pink, lily yellow, or mojito green watch bands and phone cases that match. Peace signs, globe drawings and “love the Earth” messages are all over them, as well as tuxedo-clad alligators (on the green one).

Because the Galaxy S21 is participating in the Samsung Re-Newed initiative, Samsung has designed covers for the S21 and not the S22. It is now only possible to get the Galaxy S21 via third-party refurbished models or by purchasing a used but not refurbished device, according to Android Police. Using the Samsung Re-Newed programme, you may get the same features and warranty as a brand-new Samsung Galaxy S21, including a fresh battery, IMEI, and a complete one-year guarantee.

Ultimately, the goal of this programme is to encourage people to keep their existing gadgets for longer periods of time while also encouraging them to upgrade to a device from the new programme if they so want. Samsung’s new covers and accessories for the Galaxy S22 might persuade customers to choose it over a more recent model, even if it is already readily accessible with good trade-in values.


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