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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro could lose major features


Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 Pro doesn’t have a rotating bezel?

(Image credit: Samsung)

The spinning bezel on Samsung’s wearables is a unique hardware feature that distinguishes them from more traditional digital timepieces.

Samsung’s rotating bezel function, first seen on the Gear S2 wristwatch in 2015, has been a popular addition to the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and other recent Samsung smartwatches. It gives a more precise method of selecting apps than stabbing at the tiny screen with your finger.


However, it’s time is running out. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro won’t get the feature, according to Ice Universe, a trusted leaker. “Unfortunately, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro will disappoint you,” Ice Universe tweeted in response to @sondesix’s request for a spinning bezel.

To be fair, the wording is a bit nebulous and might apply to a variety of ways in which the wearable could disappoint. However, given that it was in reaction to a tweet concerning rotating bezels, that seems unlikely.

We’ve previously heard that the rotating bezel could be on its way out, if this reading is right. Assuming the ‘Classic’ was gone, I thought the functionality would simply migrate to the Pro version in a slight branding change. This most recent piece of information implies that is not the case, and that this generation may be the last one for it.


A new breed of wearable? If that’s the case, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro sounds like an entirely new beast. According to rumours, the Watch 5 Pro will feature both sapphire glass and titanium in its design, with a battery capacity of 572mAh (about 60 percent larger than the 361mAh cell featured in the 46mm Galaxy Watch 4). An enormous and pricey wearable may be the result.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 charger leaks

As far as we know, the wireless charging puck will remain in the next generation of Samsung Galaxy Watches, at least in terms of look. An photograph provided by SamMobile(opens in new tab) shows certification documents for the ER-OR900 charger, which appears to be the same as the previous model.

(Image credit: Korean Research Agency / Samsung)

Just a few things to keep in mind. When it comes to charging your Galaxy Watch 5, you’ll need a different charger if you want to use the new and improved model.


There are two reasons why appearances can be deceptive. First of all, just because something appears to be the same from the outside doesn’t necessarily indicate that it is. Last-generation wearables were limited to 5W rates, which meant that charging from 0% to 100% would take roughly two hours.

It’s possible that the new gear will provide a faster service, resulting in less downtime. Certainly, considering the Pro’s enormous battery…


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