Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 got Apple Watch 7 major features


Galaxy Watch users may look forward to additional functionality in One UI Watch 4.5.

In May, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 received its first significant software update after the launch of Google Assistant. A QWERTY keyboard, more customisable watch faces, dual-SIM compatibility, and accessibility aid are just some of the new features that have been added to the phone.

The One UI Watch 4.5 software update is expected to arrive later this year and provide new features to Samsung’s top wristwatch running Wear OS 3. (or coming soon.)


Could be a powerful challenger to Apple’s next smartwatch, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, which is expected to be released in the near future. After all, One UI Watch 4.5 does take a cue from the Apple Watch Series 7 in terms of a major functionality.

Yes, I’m referring about the QWERTY keyboard on the new Apple Watch, which allows users to enter messages. Text-to-speech and Scribble’s replacement, this is a great addition.

On the other hand, Samsung watches already featured a keyboard before the Apple Watch was ever released. In spite of the fact that it had just a T9 keyboard, I’ve always found it convenient to send a text message from my wrist. Apple’s latest wristwatch, the Apple Watch 7, has been getting a lot of attention for its lack of a physical keypad.


Despite the fact that the roles have been set, I still support the Galaxy Watch receiving its own QWERTY keyboard. Like the keyboard on the Apple Watch, you can type by swiping your finger over the screen.

One UI Watch 4.5 for Galaxy Watch — additional upgrades

With the QWERTY keyboard, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 will get even more improvements. Dual-SIM functionality for the Galaxy Watch means that customers may choose a preferred SIM on their associated Galaxy smartphone, and the assignment will be instantly synced to their wristwatch. When making phone calls from their wrist, users have the option of selecting which SIM card to use.

A larger selection of watch faces is now available in One UI Watch 4.5, making it easier to create your own unique look. When you first started using this feature, you could only add one watch face to your “favorite” list, but now you can alter the same design numerous times.


A new set of aesthetic and audio options for the Galaxy Watch have finally been added. A new option to disable animations and other user interface effects has been added to the display settings. Bluetooth headphones may also enjoy a well-balanced audio experience.

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