Request Additional Quota for your YouTube API Project

Hello, Guys welcome back to learn How to Request Additional Quota for your YouTube API Project. How to calculate your YouTube API quota cost and request Google to increase the Quota Limits of your YouTube application.

A UK-based group recently hosted an online conference with 300+ participants, and each attendee was required to send a video to a shared YouTube channel following the event. The organisers established a YouTube uploader to make it easier for guests to post films, but they quickly ran into YouTube’s quota issue.

Let me explain.

According to the YouTube API website, it takes 1600 quota units to upload a single movie to the YouTube website using the videos. The YouTube API’s insert method. Thus, if you expect 100 films to be uploaded to your YouTube channel in a single day, your Google Cloud project should have a quota of at least 1600 * 100 = 160,000 units.

Every 24 hours, the quota limits are reset. New Google Cloud projects have smaller quotas, and you’ll need to request an increase in your limit from YouTube if you anticipate uploading more videos.

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Increase your YouTube API Quota

Here’s step by step guide that will help you get your YouTube video uploader, or any other Google Apps Project, approved for a higher quota.

Configure Google Cloud Project

1. Go to to create a new Google Cloud Project.

Create Google Cloud Project

2. From the menu, go to APIs and Services and chose OAuth Consent Screen. Set the type as External and click the Create button.

Oauth Consent Screen

3. Give your application a name, then click the Add Scope button and specify the list of OAuth Scopes that your Google Cloud project will require. For the uploader, we require the following Google APIs:
OAuth Consent screen

4. Inside the API and Services section, choose Library, search for the YouTube Data API library and click Enable to enable the library for your project.

Enable YouTube API

5. Click the 3-dot menu in the upper right, choose Project Settings and make a note of the project number of your Google Cloud Project.

Google Cloud Project

Configure Google Apps Script

1. Open your Google Script, go to the Resources menu, choose Cloud Platform project and enter the project number that you have copied in the previous step.

Link Cloud Project with Apps Script

Click the “Set Project” button to link your Google Cloud Project to your Google Apps Script Project.

2. Go back to the Google Cloud project, click the API and Services section, choose Credentials and copy the OAuth client ID to the clipboard.

OAuth Client ID

Request YouTube to Increase Quota

Now that you’ve gathered all of the essential information, it’s time to submit your YouTube project to Google in order to increase your API capacity. Open this request form and fill in the necessary information.

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The API client is identical to the OAuth Client ID you copied in the previous step. The project number is the same as the one assigned to your Google Cloud Project. You must submit the link to your YouTube uploader form in response to the question “Where can we find the API client?”

When you submit the form, you will receive a response from the Google Compliance team informing you that an audit is being conducted.

Thanks for your response to the Quota Request. We will conduct our audit based
on the information you provided. We will notify you if additional information is
needed or when we’ve completed our review. Thank you for your cooperation.

They may have some follow-up questions and once they grant the quota (usual takes 3-4 days), you’ll receive a confirmation.

Your quota extension request has been approved based on the information you
provided and your representation that your use of YouTube API Service are in
full compliance with the YouTube API Services Terms of Service. The total quota
for project 123 is now 500,000 units / day. Please note that the quota extension
has been granted ONLY for the use-case mentioned in your quota extension request
application and we may change your quota based on your actual quota usage as
well as on your continued compliance with the YouTube API Services Terms of
Service at any time.

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