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Pegatron going to manufacture iPhone 12 in India next month


A new factory in Tamil Nadu will begin production of the iPhone 13 after the release of the iPhone 12.

image credits: applemust

According to a fresh rumour this week, Apple’s second-largest supplier, Pegatron, will begin manufacturing the iPhone 12 in India next month.

A report in the Economic Times says that


By April of next year, Taiwanese contract producer Pegatron plans to produce items in India worth more than Rs. 8,000 crore, Apple’s second-largest contract manufacturer. As a result of this move, Apple will be able to expand its market share in China, which is the world’s second-biggest smartphone market.

According to the article, Pegatron is the third Apple supplier to bring production to India, after Foxconn and Hon Hai Precision Industry. By the end of the year, Pegatron is expected to begin manufacturing, according to a source mentioned in the paper, and it has already submitted its production estimates to the government. Apple’s finest iPhone, the iPhone 13, will be manufactured at a new facility in Tamil Nadu, India, beginning with the iPhone 12. In the next fiscal year, the corporation plans to hire 6,000 individuals, according to reports.

This is the latest corporation to take advantage of a wide range of tax breaks and other incentives to promote production in China. More than 70% of India’s iPhones are now built domestically, according to the research. As a consequence, Apple is said to have saved about 22% on import duties.


COVID, the business that debuted its online shop in September 2020, has delayed Apple’s plans to establish its first store in Mumbai.

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