One Tree Hill: How to watch all 9 seasons of the popular teen drama


Where can I watch every episode of the hit adolescent drama One Tree Hill from start to finish?

When you watch One Tree Hill online, the love triangles get more intricate. Amongst 2003 and 2012, the popular adolescent drama aired on the WB and The CW, creating a variety of love relationships between the characters.

Tree Hill, a fictitious seaside hamlet in North Carolina, is the setting for the show (hence, the title). Half-brothers Lucas and Nathan Scott (Chad Michael Murray) are introduced in the pilot episode (James Lafferty). Nathan, the squad’s standout player, feels threatened when Lucas joins the team.


Lucas’ attraction to Nathan’s girlfriend, Peyton Sawyer, exacerbates their brother rivalry (Hilarie Burton). Peyton’s closest friend Brooke Davis (Sophia Bush) and Lucas’ best friend Haley James (Haley Bennett) are also in the mix (Bethany Joy Lenz). Lucas and Nathan had to cope with their chaotic families, including their overtly wicked father Dan Scott (Paul Johansson).

There are time jumps in later seasons because of the characters’ maturation and the tales they have to tell as a result.

Here’s a step-by-step approach to seeing One Tree Hill’s drama unfold.


One Tree Hill streaming in the United States

All nine seasons of One Tree Hill are now available on HBO Max and Hulu in the United States.

The full 187-episode series is presented in an hour-long format (or about 45 minutes sans commercials).

One Tree Hill on Netflix Canada

HBO Max and Hulu are unavailable to Canadians, but there are other options. You can watch the whole first nine seasons of One Tree Hill on IcitouTV, a French-language streaming service. You’ll have to seek elsewhere if you want the English-language edition.


In order to use all of your paid subscriptions while travelling in Canada, you’ll need to find the finest VPN services.

How to see One Tree Hill in the United Kingdom

HBO Max and Hulu are unavailable to British viewers. Additionally, just half of season 1 is accessible on Virgin TV Go.

Express VPN may be necessary if you want to use the services you currently pay for.


In Australia, how do you watch One Tree Hill?

In Australia, Hulu and HBO Max are not accessible. Australians are in fortunate, since One Tree Hill season 1 through 9 are available on 7Plus.


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