Netflix just confirmed Squid Game season 2 — and teases returning characters


Squid Game season 2 has just begun, and here are the first information.

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In a teaser video, a statement from the show’s creator, and a post on the Tudum blog, Netflix has introduced Squid Game season 2, but the games have just just begun (opens in new tab). For the first time, a second season of South Korea’s best-loved television series has been officially announced by streaming service Hulu.

The animated doll from the first episode’s “Red Light, Green Light” game makes an appearance in the teaser trailer. “Squid Game is officially coming back for Season 2!” reads the caption accompanying the video. The teaser doesn’t show any video, but the writer, director, producer, and inventor of Squid Game, Hwang Dong-Hyuk, did send out a “message for the fans.”


Apparently confirming rumours that Squid Game season 2 will contain even more lethal playground games, the statement reads, “A whole new round is coming. “The first season of ‘Squid Game,’ which aired last year after a 12-year wait, took 12 years to produce. Squid Game’ became Netflix’s most popular series in just 12 days, according to a statement from Hwang.

Season one’s protagonist Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) and the Front Man, the frightening mask-wearing adversary, are both confirmed to return in the teaser (Lee Byung-hun). It is hinted by Hwang that the “guy in the suit with Ddakji” would be returned, as well as the introduction of Cheol-su, Yong-lover. hee’s


Prepare for more Squid Games

While this is the first time Squid Game season 2 has been publicly promoted, further episodes felt like a near inevitability given the show’s smashing success in season one. Squid Game became Netflix’s most-watched programme ever in its first four weeks on the streaming service. The likes of Stranger Things season 4 and The Witcher season 2 haven’t even come close to doing this. Squid Game’s return is a big deal to Netflix, so it’s no surprise they want to reassure their customers.

Squid Game, Netflix’s new nine-episode drama series, aired in September 2021 if you missed it during the initial buzz. In order to win a cash reward, a group of needy people take part in a series of dangerous children’s activities. Due to the series’ cliffhanger finale, it felt like a no-brainer that there would be a season 2.

Before Netflix’s co-CEO Ted Sarandos stated that the series will return and might establish its own “extended world,” Hwang suggested that a second season was possible. According to rumours, some major characters might return in Squid Game season 2, even if you didn’t anticipate it at first.


Customers who have already begun preparing Squid Game season watch parties may want to delay their plans for a little while longer, according to Netflix. Season 2 of Squid Game isn’t coming any time soon, it appears. According to Hwang’s prior claims, the show’s sophomore season will be available to stream on Netflix by the end of 2024, despite Netflix noting that it is “still in its early stages.”

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