Meta brings metaverse to UK Oculus Quest 2 owners


The United Kingdom release of Horizon: Worlds coincides with the arrival of patch v41.

(Image credit: Meta)

Users in the United Kingdom may now access Horizon Worlds, and an upcoming upgrade to the Quest 2 VR headset this week will greatly improve the experience of interacting with others in VR.

Quest 2 users over the age of 18 in the United Kingdom may now download Horizon Worlds, Meta’s rapidly expanding metaverse platform, for free. That means they’ll be joining the ranks of American and Canadian customers of the programme.


Horizon Worlds functions as a kind of audio-based chatroom, much like other virtual reality communal spaces like the popular VR Chat platform. Reddit mixed with Discord or Clubhouse.

Instead of conversing with coworkers in an office, you and your online pals may jet off to exotic locales like a tropical island, a snowy mountainside, or even a simple treehouse.

Try building your own hangout location if you can’t locate one that suits your needs. You may also work with your pals and use community-created items and objects to spruce up your virtual reality setting..


Horizon Worlds has reached its first key milestone with this update in the United Kingdom. If this new wave of gamers proves beneficial to Meta, it will have to watch how the metaverse platform’s UK players respond.

Check back later this week for our views and opinions on Horizon Worlds once our crew gets to play it for themselves.

The Quest 2 gets a multiplayer update

The v41 update for Quest 2 will be available to all users, regardless of where you are in the world.


Quest 2’s multi-player experience will be improved as disclosed by Mark Zuckerberg (Meta’s CEO) via his Facebook page. Your virtual house will be a place where you and your pals may hang out together, so long as your friends have the identical VR headsets installed.

Following your gathering, you will have access to several applications and video experiences, which you may share as a group. To demonstrate The Soloist VR, Zuckerberg teamed up with filmmaker Alex Honnold (the subject of Oscar-winning documentary Free Solo).

As they viewed the footage in virtual reality, Honnold described to Zuckerberg how he tackles free soloing, which is climbing without the use of ropes. He also discussed how the climbs in his film contrasted to ones he has undertaken in the past. Watching this video could be a bad idea if you’re frightened of heights at all.


This feature will likely be expanded to include other applications and films in the future. We’re hoping that Meta will continue to improve the Quest 2’s VR multiplayer capabilities in upcoming releases.

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