Mega Millions jackpot swells to $790 million after no lottery ticket drew all 6 winning numbers


The Mega Millions jackpot has risen to a stunning $790 million after no ticket matched all six winning numbers in Friday night’s drawing, reports CNN.

Lottery officials said that the winning numbers for Friday’s drawing were 14, 40, 60, 64, 66, and the gold Mega Ball 16.

The $630 million jackpot was worth around $388 million in cash, according to the lottery.


To be held on Tuesday, the prize money is expected to total $464.4 million.

In the history of the lottery, only three prizes worth more than $790 million have been won, according to a statement from the lottery.

In October 2018, a Mega Millions jackpot in South Carolina was won for $1.537 billion, while in January, a jackpot of $1.050 billion was won in Michigan.


The current record jackpot was a $1.586 billion Powerball win on January 13th, 2016.

Despite the fact that no one drew the six winning numbers, four people were extremely fortunate on Friday as they all drew the initial five. The Megaplier option was chosen by three of those tickets, which were sold in Delaware, New Jersey, and New York. It was sold in Virginia, and the winning ticket was worth $1 million, according to the state lottery.

For the fourth time in a row, a Mega Millions jackpot was won somewhere in the United States.


This story was written by CNN’s Aya Elamroussi.

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