Latest: Shots Fired at Dallas Love Field; Female Shooter Wounded by Police


Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia this morning addressed the situation at Dallas Love Field where he says a 37-year old woman entered the facility around 10:59AM, walked into a restroom and started discharging a revolver after exiting the restroom wearing a hoodie.

Garcia said multiple cops encountered the woman; one officer shot and wounded the suspect in her lower extremities. She was brought to Parkland Hospital in an unclear condition.

As of 12:33 reporter Clayton Neville indicated that TSA was in the process of rescreening all travelers who had been evacuated from the airport. The process will take time. Clayton also added that, according to witnesses the woman was yelling that she’s going to “shoot this house up,” and mentioning something about her unfaithful husband.


Stay with updates regarding the breaking story.

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