Latest: 9-Euro-Ticket: Kommt ein norddeutscher Nachfolger?

Several parties in the MV Landtag have shown support for a new 9-Euro ticket replacement. However, the source of funding remains a mystery. Only this month can you take advantage of the country-wide offer.

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Ministerpräsidentin Manuela Schwesig (SPD) of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is open to a north German solution, but believes that the federal government is now required to provide one. “As a country, we are committed to ensuring that the federal government extends the 9-euro ticket, at least for the pendlers and pendlerinnen,” she said on Monday in Schwerin. The willingness of the federal government to fund a follow-on ticket is said to be decisive, according to the economic ministry. Once these questions are answered, further planning can proceed.

MV Landtagsfraktion der Grünen: If the federal government is unable to come up with a funding solution, the northern states should cooperate. As a transportation advocate, Jutta Wegner says it is time to make the public transportation system more convenient and affordable for everyone. It would be a practical thing if Schleswig-Holstein, Bremen, Hamburg, Niedersachsen, and MV could work together to find a solution.


CDU-Fraktion for the North-Lands’ Next-Ticket
The proposal for a northern model to replace the 9-euro ticket is also welcomed by the CDU MV Landtag. Daniel Peters, a CDU-Landtagsabgeordnete in Berlin, says that the Berlin coalition is in disagreement. In order to put further pressure on the United States, it is very necessary for the North American countries to collaborate on transportation policy. Peters, on the other hand, emphasized that the 9-Euro ticket-included billions of dollars would have been better spent if they had been invested in a new track and an improved stance.

Instead of making demands on the federal government, FDP Landtagsfraktion Chairman René Domke says the party should “rot” its ideas about how to improve the PNV in the country rather than making requests. “On the own car can only be avoided and ultimately money saved if bus and train are even available,” explained Domke.

Not ideal, according to Pro Bahn: Norddeutsche Lösung
For Marcel Drews, the state president of the Pro Bahn Passenger Association, a north German ticket is just the beginning. “In the second step, there must be a national solution,” he said on NDR MV Live. Otherwise, people from other German states who migrate to the north would be excluded.


Althusser: The organization must take responsibility for its actions.
Bernd Althusmann (CDU), the transportation minister of Niedersachsen, put a joint strategy of the five north German states into action. However, he left open the question of how his Ministerium envisions the implementation. It is the duty of Althusmann to see the Bund. “It can’t be that the EU initiates the ticket, leaves the implementation to the countries, celebrates its success, and then refuses to take responsibility for a follow-up solution.” CDU-Politicians believe that only a significant increase in the federal budget will allow the CDU to make a follow-up offer.



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