Kuo: iMac Pro 2023, 27-inch External Display No Mini-LED This Year


A 27-inch external display without a mini-LED backlight won’t be available from Apple until this year, according to famed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who made the announcement today on Twitter.

When discussing Apple’s future Mac lineup, Kuo claimed that the company aims to introduce an upgraded Mac Mini and a 27″ external display sans mini-LED in 2022, while an Apple silicon Mac Pro and iMac Pro won’t be released until 2023, according to CNET.

Apple’s iMac Pro won’t be available until next year, according to Kuo, although display expert Ross Young disagrees. According to Young, who has a proven track record with Apple goods, the iMac Pro might be released as early as June of this year.


As an upgrade to the existing 27-inch iMac, the iMac Pro will be available at the same time as the 24-inch desktop computer, which is slated to be unveiled in April 2021. Earlier speculations suggested that the iMac Pro will have a design identical to the 24-inch model, and Young has confirmed this.

It’s possible that Kuo and Young are referring to separate gadgets because of the substantial variance in their statements.

Young’s information may allude to a non-professional iMac, while Kuo’s might refer to a truly professional-grade iMac at the top of the range.


Even while one rumour suggests that Apple would revive the term “iMac Pro,” it’s unclear if the corporation will really use it again. Apple previously used the name “iMac Pro” for an iMac that has since been discontinued.

Kuo claims that Apple wants to produce a low-cost display this year for customers. According to Kuo, the display will be 27 inches in size and will not include mini-LEDs. Mark Gurman said today that it’s possible the display would be introduced during the Apple event on Tuesday, which will take place on September 12.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is anticipated to unveil a new high-end Mac mini at its presentation next week. To learn all we know about Apple’s upcoming week’s announcements, check out our handy reference guide. Source


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