iPhone 15 — all the rumors so far

What possible 2023 plans may Apple have had?

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Pre-orders for the iPhone 14 have been brisk, and if you haven’t already placed an order, delivery dates are already sliding into October. However, if Apple’s most recent model doesn’t appeal to you, you could be better off waiting for the iPhone 15? Key distinctions between the phones are outlined in our comparison of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15.

Apple has improved its iPhone 14 Pro models this year compared to the standard iPhone 14. We witnessed a significant display improvement with a new animated notch, or what Apple calls a Dynamic Island, and it saved the new A16 Bionic processor for the Pro models. This time, the business put a lot of emphasis on safety measures and introduced Crash


Regarding the iPhone 15, virtually little has been released because it is still very early. However, longer-term improvements like a USB-C charging connector and a new periscope camera with greater zoom capabilities have long been anticipated. As a result, we can already start to put together the specifications, release date, and price of the iPhone 15 in 2023.

Date of potential iPhone 15 release

This is the early iPhone 15 rumour that has the most concrete details. Apple has only ever revealed its new flagship smartphones outside of September once in the past ten years: in October 2020, in the midst of a pandemic that required orders to be placed at home and interrupted tech supply chains.

As a result, the release of the iPhone 15 in September 2023 is quite plausible. Pre-orders typically go live a week before the phone’s official release date, with Apple typically announcing new phones roughly ten days beforehand.


iPhone 15 pricing rumours

There was a lot of talk that the iPhone 14 would come with a 15% price rise, but if you reside in the US, this proved out to be false. While prices in other places significantly increased, in the US the lowest “small” model was eliminated.

Thus, the 1TB iPhone 14 Pro Max is presently priced at $1,599, while the entry-level 128GB iPhone 14 costs $799. This time around, we would anticipate something similar, although it’s also likely that the iPhone 15 may see the price increase that the US missed in 2022. If so, budget an increase of about $100.

15 potential iPhone models

Apple discontinued the iPhone small this year and instead unveiled the iPhone 14 Plus. That made the decision easier: whether you went Pro or not, you could choose between a 6.1- or 6.7-inch screen.


It’s very likely that this will go on into the following year. The iPhone 12 mini’s poor sales were evident within a few months, but Apple was forced to continue with the iPhone 13 mini since the plans were set in stone and could not be modified.

In the rare event that the iPhone 14 Plus fails, the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max will most likely still be part of the lineup for the following year.

One item, the iPhone 15 Ultra, could be added to this list. After the Apple Watch Ultra was introduced this year, reputable tipster Mark Gurman recently tweete that we may “expect” the variation for iPhones as well in the future.


design speculations for the iPhone 15

The sole accurate speculation regarding the iPhone 15’s design to yet is that Apple will eventually stop using the Lightning connector on its phones in 2023. Not only has the corporation embraced the connection for its laptops and tablets, but the European Union has mandated that all phones utilise USB-C by 2024, so this isn’t entirely unexpected. Apple may continue to use the Lightning connector in other countries, but doing so would add complexity and cost with little to show for it.

While there are still speculations of a portless iPhone, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that at least some of Apple’s devices will use USB-C. Our best bet is that if a portless one does appear next year, it may be a Pro feature.

If not, two other scenarios are feasible. The first is that Touch ID will make a comeback to provide a another login option to Face ID. An underscreen fingerprint scanner appears to have been in testing for some time, although it has not been present on the most expensive Apple phones since the iPhone 8. It would have come in useful during the months of the outbreak when everyone was donning masks and Face ID was having trouble keeping up.


Additionally, we anticipate that all variations of the iPhone 15 will include the new capsule notch replacement that was launched for the iPhone 14 Pro models. Although it could continue to be a Pro-only feature, we believe Apple wants to make the new Dynamic Island feature available to as many users as possible.

expectations for the iPhone 15

Although it is still early, two rumours have surfaced. The first seems very plausible, whilst the second could just be wishful thinking.

Adoption of the A17 processor would have formerly seemed certain, starting with the ‘likely’, but this year only the iPhone 14 Pro benefitted from an entirely new chipset, while the normal model utilised a slightly improved version of the A15. Assuming that this is the new norm, the iPhone 15 Pro handsets may receive the A17, while the standard iPhone 15 may have an improved A16.


However, the A17 is anticipated to be the first product produced using the 3nm manufacturing process, which might have significant implications for performance.

The iPhone 15 may finally have a periscope camera for improved long-distance shooting, according to the second report about the device’s camera. It would be wonderful to see Apple eventually provide this, as Android phones on our list of the best camera phones already do. However, as again, if it debuts in 2023 at all, we’d be extremely astonished if it wasn’t first Pro only.

Speaking of “Pro” distinction, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple would give its “Pro” models some distinctive features and may be attempting to upsell its bigger 6.7-inch devices over the lesser variants. At this moment, it is unknown what they may be, although it is plausible


iPhone 15 forecast

Although the iPhone 15 rumours are still very new, no one has ever lost all of their money betting on Apple. While the projected benefits of the 3nm A17 CPU should solidify Apple’s already dominant lead over the top Android phones in terms of sheer performance, the anticipated debut of USB-C may attract those who have yet to succumb to iOS’ allure.

Although a potential price hike is a major concern and we would want to hear more concrete speculations about camera upgrades, there is still plenty of time for more intriguing rumours to surface given that the iPhone 15 won’t be released for another year.




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