iPhone 14 price just tipped — and it’s good news


The cost of the iPhone 14 may not rise, but rather remain the same.

For the iPhone 14, rumored cost suggests that the device isn’t going to be any more expensive than other models. At a time when everything else seems to be going up in price due to inflation, this is good news.

It appears that the iPhone 14’s beginning price of $799 will be unchanged from previous models, according to yeux1122 on Korean blogging site Naver(opens in a new tab). There is evidence to suggest that this was provided despite rising production costs in an effort to entice customers to upgrade their software and hardware.


A consistent price between years is a good thing, but it’s even better for the iPhone 14 because the rest of its range is expected to rise in price.

To begin with, the $699 iPhone 13 small, currently the cheapest in the flagship range, will not be getting a follow-up this fall, according to reports. Instead, a 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max is expected, with a starting price of $899.

The price of the iPhone 14 Pro is expected to rise by $100 for both the standard model and the Pro Max model. Even if you don’t like Apple’s new notch design, the company is believed to be adding a 48MP main camera and an always-on display to the iPhone 8 Plus. When compared to the top Android phones that may cost less, upgrading to this phone will be more difficult to justify.


Sadly, the standard iPhone 14 isn’t expected to receive many additional features in the near future. With Apple presumably sticking with the same A15 chip from the iPhone 13 series for the basic iPhone 14s rather than a new A16 chip, it may not even have a new notch design. However, a new front camera improvement for the iPhone 14 with auto-focus and a larger aperture for improved low-light images has been rumored recently.

The iPhone 14 series is expected to be released in September, as is customary for new iPhone releases. Keep an eye on our iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro hubs frequently to keep up with the latest developments before the September 13 Apple event, which is widely expected.


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