iPhone 14 launch could kill the best cheap iPhone


To put it simply, the new iPhone 11 is Apple’s greatest iPhone ever. Because of this, it’s achieved legendary reputation as a dependable and affordable phone despite its lack of 5G, most horsepower, and the most up-to-date screen technology.

The iPhone 11 might be phased out in favour of the iPhone 14 when it is released later this year, according to a new leak from LeaksApple Pro (via iDrop News). The iPhone SE (2022) has recently been released, and it’s just $70 cheaper than the iPhone 11 to fill the position of the most affordable iPhone.

It seems that Apple’s new SE isn’t selling as well as expected by industry insiders. There are reports that demand for the iPhone 11 has increased since the iPhone SE was released, according to LeaksApplePro’s sources.


Analysis: Discontinuation of the iPhone 11 is a possibility

This is for a very clear reason. Apple’s iPhone SE has an outmoded design, particularly when the iPhone 11 costs only $70 more. Aside from that, the 11 boasts two cameras as opposed to the SE’s single camera (which also lacks Night mode). Apple’s iPhone 11 and iPhone SE both have a 6.1-inch screen, but only the iPhone 11 has the bigger screen.

Apparently, Apple has realised that customers don’t desire little phones, since speculations say that the iPhone 14 mini will not be released. According to industry insiders, the trend is expected to continue for 2022’s iPhone SE if the iPhone 11’s demand is correct.

Since the iPhone 12 is still good enough for most people and is apparently inexpensive to produce, ApplePro predicts that the company will continue to sell the device. Apple is reportedly expected to keep the iPhone 13 on sale in order to alleviate delays in the development of the iPhone 14, according to reports.


If Apple discontinues the iPhone 11 at the end of the year without simultaneously reducing the price of the iPhone 12 to $499 to cover the gap, we will be quite dissatisfied. However, we doubt this will happen for another year or two.

The iPhone 11 is superior than the iPhone SE (2022) despite its age-related flaws. In the absence of 5G or the newer A15 Bionic chipset, the 11 is a better purchase. Plus, the new iPhone design with Face ID and better battery life make it worth it. As far as the notch iPhone design is concerned, that’s a completely other matter.

It if you’re hoping to get your hands on a cheap iPhone 11, you may want to do so sooner rather than later.


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