iOS 15.5 is here — act as a gamechanger in your iPhone


Recent iOS updates include improvements to Podcasts and the Wallet app.


In the wake of iOS 15.5’s release, it appears like Apple is ready to move on to iOS 16.

There are few user-facing advancements in the new update, which became generally available following a beta testing phase. Compared to past iOS 15 releases, which brought a slew of new features, this one is a disappointment. As an illustration, iOS 15.4 brought with it the option to perform Face ID while wearing a mask and a new Siri voice.


Still, iOS 15.5 is expected to include a few new features. These are the new features you may look forward to.

Episode management tools for Podcasts

A new version of Apple’s built-in Podcasts app for iOS 15.5 will be welcomed by those who listen to podcasts but are concerned about running out of storage. The number of episodes you want to keep on your iPhone at a given time may now be specified. Older episodes will be removed from your phone as part of the update.

Your on-device storage was being eaten away by podcast episodes before iOS 15.5. If you bought an iPhone before Apple increased the minimum storage capacity to 128GB, this is very taxing. Only recent episodes will now be stored on your device thanks to a new setting.


Because it’s tucked away in the Settings app, the new feature is a bit tough to locate. To access podcasts, go to Settings and select Podcasts. Tap the Automatically Download option after you’ve selected Podcasts. The feature is disabled by default, but you have the option to have it download the most recent episode or the last ten. You can also choose to have the Podcasts app download only new episodes, or you can customise downloads based on time.

You’ll see the benefits of setting a limit on the amount of episodes you keep right away. In order to clear up space on my phone, I set Podcasts to only download the three most recent episodes.

Easier payment methods for Apple Pay Cash in Wallets

Sending money to loved ones with Apple Pay Cash is a breeze (or to receive money, which frankly, is even better). The Wallet app, on the other hand, was so cumbersome to use that I felt compelled to utilise Messages to reimburse others for meals or tickets.


Apple has added Request and Send buttons to the Wallet app in iOS 15.5 to make it easier to request or send money with Apple Pay Cash. Choosing a recipient or sender is done by tapping on the respective buttons, after which you can input an amount.

Other iOS 15.5 changes

Other than that, it appears like Apple has only made small tweaks in iOS 15.5’s code. If you’re an app developer who wants to provide subscriptions outside of the App Store, this is the most significant of these changes. With iOS 15.5’s addition of links to external websites where users may create or manage subscriptions, app developers now have an easier way to do so. To keep Apple and its closed ecosystem out of the sights of regulators, the function appears to be geared toward publications such as magazines, newspapers, books, audio, and video services.

Other new features in iOS 15.5 include:

  • The Photos app now includes a list of Sensitive Locations to keep visits to places like Holocaust memorials out of the auto-generated Memories slideshows.
  • Wi-Fi signal bars are added to the Home app to indicate that a HomePod is connected.
  • Universal Control is now available in the final release candidate for iPadOS 15.5. This functionality allows you to use your iPad and Mac’s input devices simultaneously.

Apple Classical, a classical music streaming app said to be in the works, was mentioned in the iOS 15.5 testing process. iOS 15.5 does not include it, which suggests Apple may be preparing for a new feature in iOS 16.


Three weeks before the June 2022 Apple WWDC event, iOS 15.5 is released. We expect to see an iOS 16 sample at that event, as Apple shifts its focus to the next major iPhone software release. The fact that the iOS 15 beta was released after this article was published doesn’t mean that Apple won’t continue to deliver updates to the operating system in the future. Bug fixes and security patches are more likely to be the focus of next iOS 15 upgrades. There are no release notes for the first iOS 15.6 beta, for example, which indicates that this is a maintenance update.

How to get iOS 15.5

Getting iOS 15.5 is as simple as going into Settings, pressing General, and selecting Software Update if you aren’t a member of the iOS public beta. There should be a newer version available for you to download right now.


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