How to watch Samsung’s Galaxy A Event live stream online?


Here’s how to stay up to date on Samsung’s upcoming iPhone SE 2022 challenger.

How to watch Samsung’s Galaxy A event live stream

Another Samsung phone is set to go on sale in the next month. We saw the Galaxy S21 FE in January and the Galaxy S22 range in March, but now Samsung is back. When it comes to the new $429 iPhone SE 2022, Samsung is hoping to take the limelight with its mid-range Galaxy A phones.

We know exactly what Samsung will be discussing when its next virtual product launch kicks out Thursday (March 17). This event has been dubbed the “Awesome Galaxy A Event” by Samsung, which suggests that the 2022 versions of the Galaxy A phones are on the way.


There may not be as many eye-catching Galaxy S flagships from Samsung, but the Galaxy A line of phones is a popular choice for many smartphone buyers. According to Counterpoint Research, the Galaxy A12 was one of the top ten best-selling smartphones of 2021. Many people will be interested in the new models that will be on display at the Awesome Galaxy A Event.

The new Samsung phone is out, and you want to know what it has to offer. This is all you need to know about the Awesome Galaxy A Event, which starts on Thursday and can be streamed.

In what day and time is Samsung’s Galaxy A launch event?

On March 17, at 10 a.m. ET/7 a.m. PT, Samsung will begin its Awesome Galaxy A Event.


Is there a way to watch Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy A event live?

Streaming of the Awesome Galaxy A event is available on YouTube and on Samsung’s newsroom web page, respectively. It’s as easy as going to Samsung’s YouTube page and searching for the Awesome Galaxy A event broadcast. In addition, you may see the video right here. Until further notice, this is a placeholder clip for the actual episode, which will air on Thursday.)

Who knows what Samsung has in store for us at its upcoming Galaxy A launch event?

Samsung is expected to unveil new Galaxy A devices. What remains to be seen is which of the Galaxy A phones will be unveiled on March 17. The Galaxy A53 and the Galaxy A33 are expected to be the main focus of attention at the Awesome Galaxy A Event on Thursday. A Galaxy A73 might also be on the way. Although Samsung did not sell the Galaxy A72 globally until 2021, it is possible that the company will not include it in a worldwide launch event for the device in the future.

So far, these are the two most probable handsets to be unveiled at the Awesome Galaxy A event

SAMSUNG Galaxy A53: The Samsung Galaxy A53 replaces the Galaxy A52 from previous year. As with the Galaxy S8, the 6.5-inch screen on the Galaxy A53 is rumoured to boast a 120Hz refresh rate. We’ve heard that Samsung plans to update the A53’s chipset to an Exynos 1200 or 1280. Additionally, a four-camera array on the phone’s back is said to have a primary camera, an ultrawide angle lens, and depth and macro sensors, as well as a larger 5,000 mAh battery pack.


If you’re looking for a replacement for the Samsung’s last-generation Galaxy A32, go no further than the Galaxy A33. For the A33, that implies an LCD screen with an effective refresh rate of 90Hz on a 6.4-inch display, but there is some speculation that the OLED panel may be used in the future.

The Exynos processor that drives the A53 might also be used in the A33. Otherwise, it seems like Samsung will remain with the same four-camera arrangement as the A32, which had a primary lens, an ultrawide angle lens, and sensors for depth and macro illumination..

Samsung didn’t release the Galaxy A72 in the US last year since it had a lot in common with the Galaxy S20 FE, which is why the Galaxy A73 was created. While the destiny of the Galaxy A73 is still up in the air, it’s safe to assume that it will have a 6.7-inch screen with 120Hz refresh rate. There have been reports of a 108MP primary camera sensor in this phone, as well as an ultrawide-angle camera that can be used in conjunction with it. The Samsung Galaxy A5 is the most costly device in the A series.


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