How to watch NFL Draft 2022 live stream: online, time and TV channel


Watch the NFL Draft 2022 live stream to discover where the greatest new college football talents will be selected!

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After the Scouting Combine and college pro days, it’s nearly time to watch the 2022 NFL Draft live streaming on the internet. And now that the three-day event has begun, there is a general agreement.

On most preseason rankings, Michigan’s Aidan Hutchinson is the best edge defender. Hutchinson is anticipated to be drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars if everything goes according to plan, since they hold the No. 1 selection in the 2021 NFL Draft.



NFL Draft dates: Thursday (April 28) through Saturday (April 30)
NFL Draft times: 8 p.m. ET on Thursday, 7 p.m. ET on Friday, 12 p.m. ET on Saturday.
 ESPN, ABC and the NFL Network
► U.S.  Sling (ESPN and NFL Network) and fubo (all three channels)
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Evan Neal, a lineman from Alabama, has been mentioned as a possible high draught choice by certain experts. Because he’s only allowed 24 pressures in the last two years, it’s possible that he’ll be selected early Thursday by the Detroit Lions (who have the #2 selection).

The rise of Cincinnati’s Ahmad Gardner is another evidence that this is a year in which college defenders are becoming increasingly sought after. He’s never given up a score and gave up less than 10 yards per game in 2021. He might end up with the Texans (#3), the Jets (#4), or the Giants (#5).


What channel are you trying to view it on? With Mike Greenberg as host, Mel Kiper Jr., Louis Riddick, Booger McFarland and Chris Mortensen as co-anchors, ESPN will be broadcasting the Super Bowl. For his part on ABC, Reece Davis has Kirk Herbstreit, Desmond Howard, Todd McShay, Jesse Palmer, Sam Ponder, and Robert Griffin III assisting him. On Sunday, Davis, Kiper, McShay, Mortensen, and Riddick will appear on both networks. Rich Eisen is aided by Charles Davis, Daniel Jeremiah, David Shaw, Kurt Warner, and others on the NFL Network.

Here’s how you can watch the NFL Draft 2022 from wherever you are.

When and where can you watch the NFL Draft 2022 live stream?

Even if you’re not in the United States, you can still watch the NFL Draft 2022 live stream from wherever you are thanks to the streaming services you currently pay for. If you use a virtual private network (VPN) to get around geo-fencing limitations, you may watch the draught on all three days.


ExpressVPN is the finest VPN service in our opinion. Aside from the quick internet, it’s also a breeze to use this. Streaming gadgets like the Amazon Fire TV Stick and Apple TV, as well as gaming consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, all function with it.

NFL Draft 2022 Live Streaming in the United States

NFL Draft 2022 will be broadcast live on a channel of your choosing, or at least one that doesn’t cost a lot of money. Sling TV, YouTube TV, Fubo TV, and DirecTV Stream all provide access to the 2022 NFL Draft, which airs on ABC, ESPN, and the NFL Network.

Sling TV and Fubo TV are our top picks from this group of services. Sling has two alternatives for NFL Draft 2022 live streaming: Sling Orange offers you access to ESPN’s broadcast, while Sling Blue gives you access to the NFL Network’s. For $50 a month, you may have both Blue and Orange packages for $35 a month.


In addition to Sling, we suggest Fubo since it offers ABC, which Sling (our top selection for the finest streaming service and a cable TV alternative) does not. As a result, it’s likely to give an overview that goes beyond what ESPN or the NFL Network can provide you with.

In the United Kingdom, how can I watch the NFL Draft 2022 online?

The draught will be broadcast live on Sky Sports, which relaunches Sky Sports NFL (replacing Sky Sports Action on channel 407 for the occasion). The draught will be shown live on television throughout the whole three-day period.

A Now TV day pass is required for purchase.


In Canada, how can I watch the NFL Draft in 2022?

The NFL Draft 2022 live stream is available to Canadians in a variety of ways. TSN, accessible through and the TSN mobile app, is your best bet for round one.

TSN1 will broadcast the first round of coverage at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday, with pre-show programming beginning at 7 p.m.

If you don’t have the NFL Network, ABC stations in Canada will also be broadcasting the remainder of the rounds (which aren’t included in TSN’s schedule).


In which countries can Australians watch the NFL Draft live stream in 2022?

If you have a Foxtel or Kayo Sports subscription, you can watch the NFL Draft live on One-month memberships to Kayo start at $25 for new customers.

You may also utilise one of the top virtual private networks (VPNs) to keep up with the action even if you’re not in your own country.

2022 NFL Draft order

Round 1


1) Jacksonville Jaguars

2) Detroit Lions

3) Houston Texans


4) New York Jets

5) New York Giants

6) Carolina Panthers


7) New York Giants (from Chicago Bears)

8) Atlanta Falcons

9) Seattle Seahawks (from Denver Broncos)


10) New York Jets (from Seattle Seahawks)

11) Washington Commanders

12) Minnesota Vikings


13) Houston Texans (from Cleveland Browns)

14) Baltimore Ravens

15) Philadelphia Eagles (from Miami Dolphins)


16) New Orleans Saints (from Indianapolis Colts through Philadelphia Eagles)

17) Los Angeles Chargers

18) Philadelphia Eagles (from New Orleans Saints)


19) New Orleans Saints (from Philadelphia Eagles)

20) Pittsburgh Steelers

21) New England Patriots


22) Green Bay Packers (from Las Vegas Raiders)

23) Arizona Cardinals

24) Dallas Cowboys


25) Buffalo Bills

26) Tennessee Titans

27) Tampa Bay Buccaneers


28) Green Bay Packers

29) Kansas City Chiefs (from San Francisco 49ers through Miami Dolphins)

30) Kansas City Chiefs


31) Cincinnati Bengals

32) Detroit Lions (from Los Angeles Rams)

Round 2


33) Jacksonville Jaguars

34) Detroit Lions

35) New York Jets


36) New York Giants

37) Houston Texans

38) New York Jets (from Carolina Panthers)


39) Chicago Bears

40) Seattle Seahawks (from Denver Broncos)

41) Seattle Seahawks


42) Indianapolis Colts (from Washington Commanders)

43) Atlanta Falcons

44) Cleveland Browns


45) Baltimore Ravens

46) Minnesota Vikings

47) Washington Commanders (from Indianapolis Colts)


48) Chicago Bears (from Los Angeles Chargers)

49) New Orleans Saints

50) Kansas City Chiefs (from Miami Dolphins)


51) Philadelphia Eagles

52) Pittsburgh Steelers

53) Green Bay Packers (from Las Vegas Raiders)


54) New England Patriots

55) Arizona Cardinals

56) Dallas Cowboys


57) Buffalo Bills

58) Atlanta Falcons (from Tennessee Titans)

59) Green Bay Packers


60) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

61) San Francisco 49ers

62) Kansas City Chiefs


63) Cincinnati Bengals

64) Denver Broncos (from Los Angeles Rams)

Round 3


65) Jacksonville Jaguars

66) Detroit Lions

67) New York Giants


68) Houston Texans

69) New York Jets

70) Jacksonville Jaguars (from Carolina Panthers)


71) Chicago Bears

72) Seattle Seahawks

73) Indianapolis Colts (from Washington Commanders)


74) Atlanta Falcons

75) Denver Broncos

76) Baltimore Ravens


77) Minnesota Vikings

78) Cleveland Browns

79) Los Angeles Chargers


80) Houston Texans (from New Orleans Saints)

81) New York Giants (from Miami Dolphins)

82) Atlanta Falcons (from Indianapolis Colts)


83) Philadelphia Eagles

84) Pittsburgh Steelers

85) New England Patriots


86) Las Vegas Raiders

87) Arizona Cardinals

88) Dallas Cowboys


89) Buffalo Bills

90) Tennessee Titans

91) Tampa Bay Buccaneers


92) Green Bay Packers

93) San Francisco 49ers

94) Kansas City Chiefs


95) Cincinnati Bengals

96) Denver Broncos (from Los Angeles Rams)

97) Detroit Lions (compensatory selection)


98) New Orleans Saints (compensatory selection)

99) Cleveland Browns (special compensatory selection)

100) Baltimore Ravens (special compensatory selection)


101) Philadelphia Eagles (from New Orleans Saints; special compensatory selection)

102) Miami Dolphins (from San Francisco 49ers; special compensatory selection)

103) Kansas City Chiefs (special compensatory selection)


104) Los Angeles Rams (special compensatory selection)

105) San Francisco 49ers (special compensatory selection)

Round 4


106) Jacksonville Jaguars

107) Houston Texans (from Detroit Lions through Cleveland Browns)

108) Houston Texans


109) Seattle Seahawks (from New York Jets)

110) Baltimore Ravens (from New York Giants)

111) New York Jets (from Carolina Panthers)


112) New York Giants (from Chicago Bears)

113) Washington Commanders

114) Atlanta Falcons


115) Denver Broncos

116) Denver Broncos (from Seattle Seahawks)

117) New York Jets (from Minnesota Vikings)


118) Cleveland Browns

119) Baltimore Ravens

120) New Orleans Saints


121) Kansas City Chiefs (from Miami Dolphins)

122) Indianapolis Colts

123) Los Angeles Chargers


124) Philadelphia Eagles

125) Miami Dolphins (from Pittsburgh Steelers)

126) Las Vegas Raiders


127) New England Patriots

128) Baltimore Ravens (from Arizona Cardinals)

129) Dallas Cowboys


130) Buffalo Bills

131) Tennessee Titans

132) Green Bay Packers


133) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

134) San Francisco 49ers

135) Kansas City Chiefs


136) Cincinnati Bengals

137) Carolina Panthers (from Los Angeles Rams through Houston Texans)

138) Pittsburgh Steelers (compensatory selection)


139) Baltimore Ravens (compensatory selection)

140) Green Bay Packers (compensatory selection)

141) Baltimore Ravens (compensatory selection)


142) Los Angeles Rams (compensatory selection)

143) Tennessee Titans (compensatory selection)

Round 5


144) Carolina Panthers (from Jacksonville Jaguars)

145) Seattle Seahawks (from Detroit Lions through Denver Broncos)

146) New York Jets


147) New York Giants

148) Chicago Bears (from Houston Texans)

149) Carolina Panthers


150) Chicago Bears

151) Atlanta Falcons

152) Denver Broncos


153) Seattle Seahawks

154) Philadelphia Eagles (from Washington Commanders)

155) Dallas Cowboys (from Cleveland Browns)


156) Minnesota Vikings (from Baltimore Ravens)

157) Jacksonville Jaguars (from Minnesota Vikings)

158) New England Patriots (from Miami Dolphins)


159) Indianapolis Colts

160) Los Angeles Chargers

161) New Orleans Saints


162) Philadelphia Eagles

163) New York Jets (from Pittsburgh Steelers)

164) Las Vegas Raiders (from New England Patriots)


165) Las Vegas Raiders

166) Philadelphia Eagles (from Arizona Cardinals)

167) Dallas Cowboys


168) Buffalo Bills

169) Tennessee Titans

170) Houston Texans (from Tampa Bay Buccaneers through New England Patriots)


171) Green Bay Packers

172) San Francisco 49ers

173) New York Giants (from Kansas City Chiefs through Baltimore Ravens)


174) Cincinnati Bengals

175) Los Angeles Rams

176) Dallas Cowboys (compensatory selection)


177) Detroit Lions (compensatory selection)

178) Dallas Cowboys (compensatory selection)

179) Indianapolis Colts (compensatory selection)


Round 6

180) Jacksonville Jaguars

181) Detroit Lions


182) New York Giants

183) New England Patriots (from Houston Texans)

184) Minnesota Vikings (from New York Jets)


185) Buffalo Bills (from Carolina Panthers)

186) Chicago Bears

187) San Francisco 49ers (from Denver Broncos)


188) Jacksonville Jaguars (from Seattle Seahawks)

189) Washington Commanders

190) Atlanta Falcons


191) Minnesota Vikings (from Baltimore Ravens through Kansas City Chiefs)

192) Minnesota Vikings

193) Dallas Cowboys (from Cleveland Browns)


194) New Orleans Saints (from Indianapolis Colts through Philadelphia Eagles)

195) Los Angeles Chargers

196) Baltimore Ravens (from Miami Dolphins)


197) Jacksonville Jaguars (from Philadelphia Eagles)

198) Jacksonville Jaguars (from Pittsburgh Steelers)

199) Carolina Panthers (from Las Vegas Raiders)


200) New England Patriots

201) Arizona Cardinals

202) Cleveland Browns (from Dallas Cowboys)


203) Buffalo Bills

204) Tennessee Titans

205) Houston Texans (from Green Bay Packers)


206) Denver Broncos (from Tampa Bay Buccaneers through New York Jets and Philadelphia Eagles)

207) Houston Texans (from San Francisco 49ers through New York Jets)

208) Pittsburgh Steelers (from Kansas City Chiefs)


209) Cincinnati Bengals

210) New England Patriots (from Los Angeles Rams)

211) Los Angeles Rams (compensatory selection)


212) Los Angeles Rams (compensatory selection)

213) Atlanta Falcons (compensatory selection)

214) Los Angeles Chargers (compensatory selection)


215) Arizona Cardinals (compensatory selection)

216) Indianapolis Colts (compensatory selection)

217) Detroit Lions (compensatory selection)


218) Los Angeles Rams (compensatory selection)

219) Tennessee Titans (compensatory selection)

220) San Francisco 49ers (compensatory selection)


221) San Francisco 49ers (compensatory selection)

Round 7

222) Jacksonville Jaguars


223) Cleveland Browns (from Detroit Lions)

224) Miami Dolphins (from Houston Texans through New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens)

225) Pittsburgh Steelers (from New York Jets)


226) Cincinnati Bengals (from New York Giants)

227) Las Vegas Raiders (from Carolina Panthers)

228) Green Bay Packers (from Chicago Bears through Houston Texans)


229) Seattle Seahawks

230) Washington Commanders

231) Buffalo Bills (from Atlanta Falcons)


232) Denver Broncos

233) Kansas City Chiefs (from Minnesota Vikings)

234) Denver Broncos (from Cleveland Browns through Detroit Lions)


235) Jacksonville Jaguars (from Baltimore Ravens)

236) Los Angeles Chargers

237) Philadelphia Eagles (from New Orleans Saints)


238) Los Angeles Rams (from Miami Dolphins)

239) Indianapolis Colts

240) Washington Commanders (from Philadelphia Eagles through Indianapolis Colts)


241) Pittsburgh Steelers

242) Carolina Panthers (from New England Patriots through Miami Dolphins)

243) Kansas City Chiefs (from Las Vegas Raiders through New England Patriots)


244) Arizona Cardinals

245) New England Patriots (from Dallas Cowboys through Houston Texans)

246) Cleveland Browns (from Buffalo Bills)


247) Miami Dolphins (from Tennessee Titans)

248) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

249) Green Bay Packers


250) Minnesota Vikings (from San Francisco 49ers through Denver Broncos)

251) Kansas City Chiefs

252) Cincinnati Bengals


253) Los Angeles Rams

254) Los Angeles Chargers (compensatory selection)

255) Los Angeles Chargers (compensatory selection)


256) Arizona Cardinals (compensatory selection)

257) Arizona Cardinals (compensatory selection)

258) Green Bay Packers (compensatory selection)


259) Kansas City Chiefs (compensatory selection)

260) Los Angeles Chargers (compensatory selection)

261) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (compensatory selection)


262) San Francisco 49ers (compensatory selection)


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